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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    I"ve given in and recently gotten one of the Logitech Orion Spark KBs and paring it with a Logitech G502 mouse. Though I wish I never would have given up my RAT7 MMO. Was my favorite mouse of all time, and built like a tank.
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    Buying Some TIM

    Mmmmm....teriyaki too
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    What mobo would you choose.

    Definitely make sure on the RAM as that is the most frustrating thing, to right off deal with RAM issues in a build.
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    Amid 10nm Delays, Intel to Break Manufacturing Group Into Three

    They've got to try something since the current model is bleeding people faster than they can hired. Especially engineers.
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    How important are cores when gaming/streaming? My findings

    Thanks for this. Though I never thought of streaming my horrible game play antics, this gives me even more reason to keep it inside and enjoy it for myself.
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    Whatever happened to cool physical graphics on the graphics cards themselves?

    It never made much sense to me with the graphics on the cards as most of the time you couldn't even see them.
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    Intel Tells Us Charlie has got it WRONG

    I work at Intel and I do know that we just got told the news that we weren't going to be running anything new until next year at the earliest. But I'm just a peon, they told tell us much.
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    Battlefield V Won't Launch With Battle Royale

    Instead of taking the time to get everything into the game upon release it is now par for the course for the developers to release an advanced beta stage game, and just patch it over the next year. So they can say all kinds of things are going to be in the game and just use the next year after...
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    Nike Signs Deal With Esports Athlete

    Yeah, No, Sorry gamers are not athletes in any form or sense of the word. This just goes to show how companies are trying to cash in on every opportunity to make a buck.
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    Denon Receivers and Spotify Connect

    Have you tried updating the firmware on the receiver? I know the 3300 is last year's model, and with the release of the 3400 maybe there is an update available for the 3300? I personally run an Onkyo in the bedroom and a Yamaha in the living with no problems with Spotify on either, not that that...
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    HTPC or otherwise for poorly organized audio?

    I've been kicking around the idea of setting up a Plex server for my ridiculous music collection (over 3TB) which is mostly all FLAC with some MP3 stuff thrown in here and there for the stuff that is just ridiculously hard to find anymore. The thought of having to go through it all to get it all...
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    Hand-held keyboard/touchpad recommendations

    I use the Rii and the K400 regularly and love them both. The Rii I use on an NVidia Shield Pro in the bedroom, while the K400 is on the HTPC in the living room. To me they are perfect for what they are doing, the Rii small form factor for watching videos or whatnot in bedroom, and the K400 for...
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    4k/60Hz HTPC Build

    Having both a Shield Pro and a dedicated HTPC I would enthusiastically recommend the Shield. I have even been debating upgrading the HTPC and weighing the pros/cons of just replacing it with another Shield and designate the HTPC to fileserver.
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    XBOX ONE X folks, check in here!

    I still enjoy just kicking back on the couch and playing some mindless 4K console gaming on the X.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer and release

    Well the Xbone X will be getting lots of love this month.