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    Leaked AMD Zen Engineering Sample Benchmarks?

    But this is an 8 Core CPU with 16 threads? Does ashes scale? 8 Core/16 Thread beating a 4 Core 4 Thread CPU isn't a big accomplishment.... Yes its early, but that's not that promising.
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    BBC Will Use Wi-Fi Detection Vans To Catch TV Pirates

    Can someone explain to me how this even could be possible unless you were running an open hotspot?
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    Sony's High-End 4K HDR LCD TVs Start At $7,000

    Still haven't found a large enough difference in todays TV's to warrant buying a new TV (Even OLED) to replace my Panasonic 65ZT60. Give me an 85 Inch OLED for 5K, then we can talk.
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    AMD Radeon RX 470 And RX 460 Details

    Good Deal then.
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    AMD Radeon RX 470 And RX 460 Details

    Memory Express IPR?
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    What Does HDR Mean For Games And Movies?

    HDR seems quite pointless in the consumer space for about 99% of the people that will be using (and can afford) HDR capable equipment. How many of these people that will be buying new UHD Blu-Ray players and OLED TV's and actually get them professionally calibrated? The Majority of the...
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    Founders Edition Early Adopters Paper Tax for 20 Minutes @ [H]

    I work for a Canadian retailer with 7 large stores and our first allocation is 100 cards from EVGA over about a 2 week period, and only 15 from MSI. So not much to go around....
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    HBO Getting Serious About Game Of Thrones Piracy

    Also in Canada here... Either make the show easily and affordably available (Like Netflix and Steam as prime examples), or I will pirate the shit out of it until that happens.
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    Overwatch Butt Pose Replaced With Another Butt Pose

    Seriously.... Who the fuck cares about any of this?! People are trying to hard to get offended by everything and anything just to stir up shit and cause a controversy where there should be absolutely none.
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    DirectX 12 Adoption “Huge” Among Developers; HDR Support Coming in 2017 as Microsoft Shares New Info

    Could have had it all with Plasma, but the negative perception given to Plasma stuck with it until the end. Rocking a Panny ZT60 Here. Properly calibrated, I will put it against any 4K LCD TV on the market even 3 Years later.
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    Police Training Eagles To Take Down Drones

    Lawl.... what? Good luck bud.
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    Are any current VA panels capable of getting sub .05/.03 nit black levels?

    This is why I like gaming on my Plasma 0.001 cd/m2 :D ANSI Contrast Ratio is over 20,000:1.
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    Bungie CEO Steps Down

    Read about Marty O'Donnell's struggle with Activision before he left.
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    Paul Rudd vs Stephen Hawking In A Game Of Quantum Chess

    Wow... Really bro? That was the first comment that came into your head?