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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 and RTX 3070 Ti Rumored Specifications Appear

    So you guys got to remember that with the new consoles coming out with those specs they have, if Nvidia want to sell ANY cards coming up $1300 for just a gpu just ain't gonna cut it...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 delayed to November 19th

    yeah i thought we were finally starting to pull out of the 2001/2008 recession here in 2020, and then BAM....
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    How to turn OFF auto updates Win 10 Pro?

    sorry bout that guys. i'm calm now. been going through some sh** and i not trying to make excuses for myself. but just wanted to say something. peace.
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    B550 vs X570 and chipset cooling question.

    So i've been wondering why the chipset for B550 doesn't need chipset cooling. It includes PCIE 4.0 and I thoughts that was the reason X570 was running so hot? So at this point why would someone want to go with X570 when you can get say msi's B550 tomahawk with the same vrm as the one they are...
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    Post your Zen 2/2+ memory speeds!

    what is your trfc clock? and are you running gear down mode?
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    Ryzen 1,1+,2 @4K+ gaming.

    but you are testing 9900k,10900k, and 3900X those are all top of the line procs! you can't say procs dont' make a difference what about 4930k or 2600k or a FX-6300 in the mix if the processor doesn't matter. Plus you are most likely testing games that were coded to run on an Xbox or PS4 where...
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    Convert from LTSB 1607 to Pro 1909

    personally i would get an external hard drive. backup your personal files. then install Enterprise edition. Thats besides LTSB to go [H]ard. You have way more control over updates and telemetry. There are telemetry settings you can't even access in pro. hit me up on a PM if you want some...
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    How to turn OFF auto updates Win 10 Pro?

    who got caught? MS for spying and forcing updates that brick peoples PC's? BOO-HOO BOOnie's a MS shill that likes being spied on by his government and any other service he wants to use in this "modern age". dude what are you going on about? the keys are just as legit as your simping for...
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    How to turn OFF auto updates Win 10 Pro?

    it is and i did. been running it for years now. i hope you've never crossed ANY street that wasn't labled as a cross walk because that's jaywalking and is a crime. have you even drove your car even one mile/km over the speed limit? because that's a crime too. you really should turn...
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    How to turn OFF auto updates Win 10 Pro?

    why is it no good for home user? it works great for me and is exact same program w/ couple more "power user" features and more control on settings. how is it frozen in time? are you thinking i meant "ltsc"? no i'm talking regular vanilla "enterprise edition" i can choose whatever "update ring"...
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    How to turn OFF auto updates Win 10 Pro?

    if you're a power user you might want to consider switching to enterprise edition. You got so much more control over how things go. You can delay updates for up to a year plus even have to give it approval to even download them! and when it comes to the OS "version updates" you can pick...
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    EVGA Showcases New Nu Audio Pro Card

    I've been using internal soundcards for years and never had a problem. had an Audigy 4 pro i used to record DJ mixes and no prob's whatsoever w/ noise and now have Audigy RX which is basically a pci-e version of the same card w/out the breakout box and Creative still markets it for recording...
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    How to turn OFF auto updates Win 10 Pro?

    just found out today about the windows 10 "show or hide updates" tool. so technically you could pause your updates or put them on delay and just run this tool every day and pick which updates you want...
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    Water cooling is dead....except it is REALLY not!

    not trying to burst aegir's balls either but is that the same one that's for sale on ebay at this link?
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    Cyberpunk 2077 delayed to November 19th

    uh, crysis? gta v? uh cyberpunk? that's the nice thing about pc.. you may be able to run the game on outdated hardware, you'll just have to turn down the eye candy. but every once in a while there comes a game that people WILL upgrade their rigs for.