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    Which Mac OS for 2008 Macbook?

    Lion (OS 10.7) is pretty ram hungry, and always felt half baked. For the hardware in question I think the OP would be better off installing Snow Leopard (OS 10.6.8)
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    BootCamp Partition Question

    Your "Bootcamp" partition is just an NTFS partition. GParted doesn't care that it's on a Mac. Increasing the size of this partition should be no problem.
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    BootCamp Partition Question

    You should be able to resize the Windows partition using GParted Make sure you backup your system before attempting anything. Even "non-destructive" partition edits can be dangerous.
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    A Lamborghini SUV? Say It Ain’t So.

    Pretty sure this shares the Cayenne/Q7/Touareg platform, but point well taken.
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    What is the best data recovery place?

    At my university's IT department we used Gillware for drives that were beyond ddrescue or Photorec. Great service and generally lower prices than DriveSavers.
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    Best free screencasting software?

    Yes, Quicktime X will record audio inputs (voice) as well. With the addition of Soundflower it can record system audio too,
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    Best free screencasting software?

    If you're running OS 10.6 or 10.7 Quicktime X has built in screen recording.
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    Early 2006 Core Duo Macbook...4GB worth it?

    The maximum for Core Duo Macbooks/Macbook Pros is actually 2GB. 4GB would be a waste.
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    apple service diagnostic

    If you in fact have a 2.0GHz DP 2004 Powermac G5, then that's the service diagnostics that you need (straight from Global Service Exchange). It will actually boot just fine from a CD. Once you boot the disc and see the VERY spartan OS 9 style interface, you'll understand why it's so small.
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    apple service diagnostic
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    Best 12-13"

    I picked up an Asus U36JC about a month ago and have been very happy. The build quality is very good and the battery life is great. It does get a little warm during processor intensive tasks but it's tolerable. Not nearly as hot as my 1st generation Macbook Pro :D
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    MS has abandoned Drive Extender for Vail

    Microsoft has now admitted that DE was pulled from Vail due to a failed implementation.
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    iPhone vs Nexus One

    You could pick up a refurbished/used iPod to fill the in car void. I'd say it's a pretty small sacrifice to escape Apple's walled garden (at least for your phone).