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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 5

    Galaxy is a solid product. I enjoyed their card that I owned previously.
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    I've owned more AMD cards than Geforce cards so that's saying something about how I feel.
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 2

    The Galaxy card I owned in the past was reliable.
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    Online game code stores

    If you are talking about purchasing codes: There was discussion there on some options. It seems to be a grey area if you aren't going to use a known retailer like Steam, GMG, etc.
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    AMD Radeon HD 7770 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    AMD has been reliable with power efficiency and value.
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    Micro Center (in store) Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Preorder $38.88

    Thank you. Still 10+ in stock in Ohio.
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7870 GHz Edition Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    Yes, please. Thank you!
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    Interested in Age of Empires 3. Is there just a base game that is discounted as well? I'd be in for that as I don't really need any extras that came out with it. I should invest in a proxy for use at work...
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    Thank you for saving me $5. Your post about Force Unleashed 2 was very helpful.
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    Thank you for the screen cap! Exactly what I need when at work. :)
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    Mass Effect 3 SPOILERS THREAD

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that shot at the Catalyst when given the three options. Thought it was humorous that he said, "Well, you've made your choice."
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    Just Cause 3 and 4 planned; 3 expected TBA soon.

    I agree with this part. The shooting on the ground was pretty loose. In a plane or helicopter it felt overpowered. Still a fun experience blowing everything up, though! :cool:
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    Mass Effect 3 (Pre-order Xbox 360, PS3 or PC) + Free Copy of Battlefield 3 (PC Digita

    Same here. I have a 30% off coupon, too. :mad:
  14. C Digital EA week, stacks with $5 promo code for <$5 games

    After reading this on RPS, I say no thank you to Anno 2070 or anything from Ubisoft for that matter. :mad: Edit: Thanks for the info, though. I'm hoarding two coupons as a "just in case" for the next 1.5 weeks.