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    My new setup:

    I hope that's not the POS psu that came stock in your Qpack! As you know they are famous for taking your hardware out with them when they decide to call it quits. Please change it out before we read a thread about your dead system. Other than that, I think your rig is pretty cool! I love the...
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    Silverstone TJ08

    I see your point of paying a premium price for something if you really want it. But I guess what I was asking was. If Cooler Master can make a case for around $50? why can't Silverstone. They both seem to have specs. that are very close to each other.
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    Silverstone TJ08

    It looks like a nice case.Looks perfect for watercooling. But $100 for a steel microATX ($150 w/ window) seems a bit high considering there is no psu.The Cooler Master 541 goes for something like $45 @newegg. Or am I missing something the rest of you didn't?