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    We were on NT 4.0 and it was used for a workstation running Autodesk Studio. It was an experiment to see if it was viable replacement for the SGI MIPS R10000 workstations that cost a small fortune at the time. The chips were quite large indeed! When we did migrate to all Wintel the Dell...
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    I remember them for sure. Back in the 90s before the internet came to life for the mainstream folk, they had things like computer shopper magazine and "computer shows" which were like swap meets. I'm on the east coast and one such thing was Market Pro. They hosted these events in ballrooms...
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    Thoughts on Samsung Rapid Mode?

    It's like fancy cache /primo cache. Makes benchmarks (that don't detect it) spectacular but I cannot say for sure it makes it run better, except perhaps certain uncommon scenarios.
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    Intel Buys Off Mac Guy

    I have a Dell 9310 with UHD Touch, 32GB RAM, 11th gen i7, and 2TB 980 Pro SSD. Pretty much the fastest ultrabook out there. I also have an M1 Macbook Pro with 16GB RAM and 2TB SSD. There is simply no comparison, the Macbook Pro wipes the floor on battery life and system "in the pants" feel...
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    Already sold out! ;-)
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    Nvidia Purposely Reducing Hash Rate for RTX 3060 GPUs, Creates Cryptocurrency Mining Processors (CMP)

    It was mostly, mostly sarcastic BUT sometimes one has to fight fire with fire. The amount of resources for (abstract resultant) computing is ridiculous. With all the problems in the world those compute cycles could actually be used for something useful. I suppose the same could be said about...
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    Nvidia Purposely Reducing Hash Rate for RTX 3060 GPUs, Creates Cryptocurrency Mining Processors (CMP)

    If there was a way to enforce $9 per kWh for anything that mines it would be dead for sure! ;-) Then, instead of swatting, the scofflaws would just trick said system into charging the target's gaming GPU that it's being used for mining. They get a multi thousand dollar electric bill, can't pay...
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    Rocket Lake Benchmarked by Anandtech - Pleae leave your gaming performance at the door!

    Rocket Lake... Outputs (heat) like a rocket. And needs a Lake to keep it cool as from going up in flames! ;-) 300W is doable on enthusiast boards with no problem but the VRM components are going to run bloody hot without active cooling. Everything's gonna need custom water if all core o/c is...
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    I figured as much, just don't feel it's worth another $1000 for a CPU with essentially the same performance! I really like the PCI-E options and server NICs. Currently using the ROG Zenith II Alpha and it's a fine board. This would be more tempting if we weren't on the cusp of a new TR release.
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    Anybody here still have a Abit board?

    I remember running 2GB on KG7 RAID. Fully Buffered DDR ram. Took longer to post, not say as long as as a server mind you but noticeable. Had lots of stability issues with that system as a DAW and gaming too. Those were the days! Also had an Iwill MPX2 dual socket A system and that one was a...
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    Would a standard 3970WX (Non Pro) chip work on this board? I'm thinking no even though the sockets are compatible.
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    Fry's Electronics permanently closing Feb 24, 2021

    ECS motherboards LOL! Might as well be Amptron. ;-)
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    Innovation Cooling Graphite Thermal Pad Works Great

    Don't go by idle temps! Always compare under full loaded conditions.
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    Apple M1

    I like where it's going. The SSD wear is a bit concerning for sure. I have a 16" with 23 cycles and (battery) health is 85%!
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    Are we going to see good Intel processors anymore?

    Real world performance with professional audio and video DSP work. M1 simply slaughters it. Amazing hardware. And it's just the beginning! AMDs mobile would be best choice but still needs a GPU to compete particularly with video encoding tasks. And there is the issue with power (HUGE drop...