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    Why I Deleted My Steam Account

    Someone find this snowflake a safe place.
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    US Government Is Spending Billions On Old Tech That Barely Works

    As for the military and homeland security systems running on antiquated hardware and software... It still works, and it will works for years to come, because it is actually reliable. Also... they are pretty secure, especially the stuff that matters (classified systems) because they are air...
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    Senior Advisor To White House CTO Refused Security Clearance

    People typically don't get denied for no reason. There are a multitude of reasons why he could have gotten denied though. Having foreign contacts, having foreign bank accounts/investments, unreported foreign travel, being in too much debt, or having something go to collections... someone that...
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    5 Reasons The Division Is Best Played On PC

    I totally agree, except for the cheaters. They need to work on that for when the game comes out.
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    Hackers Caused A Blackout For The First Time

    Negligence, pure and simple. Why anyone wouldn't have a system this important air gapped, like the military does, is beyond me. They must have been wearing purple, because they were just begging to be graped.
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    Predator X34 Owner's Club & Discussion.

    Mine can do 95Hz with no flicker, but has the dim backlight after waking issue. I might be returning to Acer after the holidays. I am with the guys that demand quality for a 1300$ monitor. The overclocking isn't the issue for me, but the backlight is frustrating.
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    Comcast Hit With $26M Penalty For Dumping Hazardous Waste

    The better hurry up and implement data caps so they can recoup some of this money!
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    University: ‘Pirating’ Students Being Deliberately Targeted

    I know the college that I went to sent out monthly notices that if you were caught pirating through the campus network, that you would get discharged from the school. I think the colleges are getting pressured by the big businesses because a lot of the pirating happens to come from that age...
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    Intel Named A Top 100 Military Friendly Employer

    I am surprised that Boeing isn't on that list.
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    ASA Ruling On Valve's Misleading Steam Ads

    Doesn't Amazon do this all the time with their whole 95% off bologna?
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    Samsung 950PRO, when?

    I has the same issue with my Asus Maximus VIII Hero board. The solution that fixed mine was to set the boot device to windows boot manager, and not the 950. Once you get booted back in, don't forget to go to Samsung's website and download the driver for the 950. But yeah, mine is working great now.
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    Samsung 950PRO, when?

    Yeah, I am going to return my amazon order and get the one from Newegg!
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    Northrop Building US Military’s Future Stealth Bomber

    I am just sad that Boeing didn't get it.
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    Parliament Voted To Grant Asylum To Edward Snowden

    Sure, he is given protection for whistleblowing on that one program (the one that everyone hears about), but not for the other stuff he released. The stuff that they want to go to trial for, and not a public trial, because of the nature of the info.
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    Parliament Voted To Grant Asylum To Edward Snowden

    Here I am! The crazy one and done Chair Force guy! ;)