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    NVIDIA Ampere GPUs to feature 2x performance than the RTX 20 series, PCIe 4.0, up to 826 mm² dies and 20 GB of VRAM

    No one has asked the most important question. Does it come out before Cyberpunk 2077?
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    AMD Threadripper 3990X CPU has the raw power to run Crysis without a graphics card

    So one developer talked about it and one developer actually did it? Hmm.
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    Warframe Coop MMO

    Oh I know one person didn't buy 16k worth of plat packs but its funny to imagine this digital pixel was worth a used car. You can trust Riven trade data now. Last year after the Riven Mafia drama/blowup DE made the decision to release actual Riven trade data updating weekly.
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    Warframe Coop MMO

    From what I read one sold in January for 350,000 plat. You would need to buy 82 of the 200 dollar platinum packages to afford it. 16,400 dollars. Now before you say "What about the 75% coupons?" I've gotten one in over 900 days of logging in.
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    Atari is building a series of Gaming Hotels across America.

    Little early for April Fool's Day eh?
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    Zuck: We’re going to get a ‘breakthrough’ in tech glasses this decade

    Will the glasses help us to spot all the fake new on Facebook?
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    360hz Asus Rog Swift

    You guys are defending 360hz as if someone was downing it. The only complaints in this thread so far are it's a little small and needs something more than 1080p.
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    Xbox X

    Xbox One = Xbone Xbox Series X = Xbox SeX? SeX Box?
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    Warframe Coop MMO

    Well the secret announcement was the release of Empyrean on PC. Downloading now.
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    System Shock Remastered Demo Available June 28th

    The graphics are a weird combo of old low rez pixel textures mixed with modern characters, lighting, and infrastructure. Aaaand I think I kind of like it? It shouldn't work but it kind of does. An FYI for those trying it out you'll notice saving is locked out but the hotkeys are listed in the...
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    Warframe Coop MMO

    If you don't install him he says something like "I understand your decision". If anything else will happen other than you being forced to use him I don't know.
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    Cyberpunk 2077: Official Thread

    The article I saw was saying you would find non useful things that a normal person would carry to enhance the realism. Less loot pinata and more like a real human with a life.
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    Warframe Coop MMO

    So did you choose to install the um "faulty part" at the end of construction?