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    Did I get a good deal on this HP dv5t?

    how'd you get a $400 coupon!?
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    Bitspower Water Tank Z Plus Liquid Cooling Reservoir - (Tank Z Plus)

    what r1ck said try adding some distilled water until the foaming stops?
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    waterblock too heavy?

    take the block off and try it with the heatsink its probably just the weight, its fine, they've tested waterblocks with the products just make sure not to push down on the card further or to weigh it down anymore, because that make cause problems PCB can flex slightly
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    Need Help Pci-X Riser + ATX + External PSU

    then get an HTPC case, those are already motherboard size with just enough room for 1 optical drive and 1 or 2 hard drives
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    parents? :p
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    Watercooling for Overclocking - what gets hot?

    stick with just a CPU loop unless your going to voltmod your GPU since the temperatures are fine and you'll reach a voltage related wall for overclocking your GPU theres really no point in cooling SB/NB unless your using phase or ln2 to cool your CPU since you'll reach your motherboards...
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    Best place to get 20"-32" Monitor/TV +HDMI

    just use google shopping or price grabber to find the cheapest price on the one your looking at there is usually no one place that has the lowest prices across the board sure some place may have generally lower prices, but then again, other places off price guarentees such as TigerDirect...
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    Common TjMax values?

    whats boxen? and also, you can get below ambient without nitrogen you can use a TEC with water or you can use a chiller (converted A/C) or dry ice
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    I need some help on my new computer

    with a 19" monitor, definately go for 512 MB then... resolution is 1440x900? also, overclocking is quite simple... and even with stock intel cooling on a e2180 you'll be able to get to minimum 2.6, 2.8, 3.0 if you won't overclock, the e2180 is no good... you'll need to get a processor with...
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    Sunbeam Freezing Storm Review (56k WARNING!)

    meh, well you can always permanently remove the center brace, think of it as a nice extra its also movable to the right a couple centimeters
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    Need Help Pci-X Riser + ATX + External PSU

    I agree with Danny, a server rack is definately not portable... not to mention the weight! those things are meant to be placed... in a rack! and to stay there permanently for transport only when switching things... Get a shuttle, they have the best small form factor parts that are all...
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    Need advice on case fan placement

    are you kidding me? I'm sure that there is no noticable change... not even a dB
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    wow that desk is sexy... holy jesus, amazing looking setup however that G11 should be painted black... ruins the setting
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    Sunbeam Freezing Storm Review (56k WARNING!)

    eh, why? I think the inside is actually pretty decent one of my few gripes with the case besides its weight is the window placement... why does it show the edge of the PSU and the 5.25" drive bays? also, I personally don't like the ventilation and fan mount on the window because it clouds it...
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    DDR2, 1T?

    higher frequencies are probably better, but it doesn't hurt to try just get some memory benchmarks and test it out to see which works better for your particular set/configuration