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    ID Software: PC gamers moving to console

    I own a Wii and PC... anything your 360 can do my PC can do better
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    Are Gaming Gloves Worth It?

    Do you ever want to have sex again?
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    splitting int values?!

    For the record, using a stack (which is not, in any way, complicated or convoluted) would have allowed him to simply pop the values out in reverse order, giving him the proper digit ordering (since using the method I mentioned in the first reply to the thread results in the original number in...
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    is there a way to hide my IP?. LOTS of Traffic , free proxy?

    There are a dozen legitimate reasons to hide your IP... Hiding any form of personal identification while using the internet is protected by the constitution, is certainly not violating any laws, and is allowed to be discussed on these forums. So you guys would instantly suspect misdoing of...
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    Do you C?

    Like mike said the standard is irrelevant. In my job I use Texas Instruments proprietary IDE "Code Composer Studio" which generates code that runs on their DSP chips... due to the design of those specific processors there are aspects of the compiler that do not comply with any established...
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    What is the current state of PC gaming...?

    Yeah, you must have missed the best racing sim ever made, with online leagues that play for thousand dollar cash prizes, have scored drifting competitions, 12 and 24 hour endurance races and stuff like that, live for speed, look it up. Also, TOCA 3 is an amazing racing game, better graphics...
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    games with the worst UI

    How does that have anything to do with the UI?
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    games with the worst UI

    Agreed, if you like sitting 2 inches from your monitor it is ok, but for normal people it is practically unusable, one of the main reasons I only actually ran the demo once and then uninstalled it
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    What is the current state of PC gaming...?

    Crysis did not "bomb" because of performance issues... jesus christ... :rolleyes: The "issue" is elitist retards who absolutely refuse to run any game at anything less than maximum settings and then bitch when it doesn't run well because it was designed to take advantage of next generation...
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    What is the current state of PC gaming...?

    Fine... now go away
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    Games with the best UI?

    Umm... I think half of you are confusing UI with HUD... probably even the OP... but whatever lol
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    So I have been playing SSBB for a few days

    What the fuck... all of you people saying you don't like it is this the first smash brothers game you have played? I have played every game in the series and I couldn't be happier with brawal, it delivered everythign I expected and more Also, this is a multiplayer only game, you can play solo...
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    Another Marriage Falls Victim to World of Warcraft

    More like DOWN WITH IGNORANCE... (aka. blaming a video game for your real life problems)
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    So I have been playing SSBB for a few days

    If you are good, it is not random or chaotic, it is tactical and precise... Anyone can pick it up and play, very few people are any good... watch some videos on youtube of some championship melee matches and you will see what I mean. I happened to place second in a tournament in Rochester NY in...
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    Wii kiddin me??

    Finally someone who knows what they are talking about... I work for a company that makes optical fiber testing tools (OTDR's) and other fiber optic related products and one type of laser we use is only produced by one company in the world and regardless the amount of money we throw at them there...