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    Tesla Fans Are Begging Elon Musk to Stop Tweeting

    Stocks down 7.2% because of tweet or stocks down 7.2% because almost the whole market took a dump last week and Monday. You decide!
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    RTX2080 and RTX2080Ti Reviews online

    More NVLINK Benchmarks:
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    Few Are Pleased at EA’s Latest Take on Command & Conquer

    Did I just see Lady Jaye and a male version of the Baroness on the same team?
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    Students Protest Apple Addiction as 911 Calls Pick Up

    If they think cell phones are addicting, wait until they try donuts, pizza, or a computer... FTL
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    Ajit Pai Openly Mocks Net Neutrality Protesters with Dumb New Video

    I wonder if he got permission to use that movie as a background... can you still pirate movies apparently?
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    This Game is a Star Wars Themed Online Casino

    I think the real problem is all these kids with credit cards... because there's no way there is a parent involved in their bad decisions.
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    “Gamers Aren’t Overcharged; They’re Undercharged,” Says Wall Street Analyst

    I didn't read the article. Did it list what games he played? I'm thinking his resume sucks.
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    Microsoft Hololens $3000 At least they won't be sold out soon :)
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    Microsoft Hololens $3000[AllocadiaActivityID]_SEM_xrBWg1E7&ocid=Push_sem_pmc_pma_GOO_Push_microsoft hololens At least they won't be sold out anytime soon... oops prob should have put in VR :(
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    Apple Announces Watch Series 3 with LTE Connectivity Hopefully that isn't the plan for Verizon. $10/GB no line access fee.
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    Gearbox Teases That 90% of the Studio Is Working on Borderlands 3

    ↑ What they said, and Probably what they said ↓
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    Dolby Atmos Comes to Netflix

    I read so far the only movie they have is Okja, does anyone konw of another Atmos title on Netflix?
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    Asus Gtx 1080 Ti Rgb 780t Setup

    That chair glows nicely, clean setup I like it. Camera skills is a little wonky. Try using Sony Vegas to cut shorter pieces of video and put them together. More steady shots. Case looks clean too, better then mine that's for sure.
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    Post Your Workstations 2017

    Clean setup, I like your surround.
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    Aorus X299 pictured at

    You could do that. I'm like German Muscle , I want 2. But I always have a main drive and a storage drive. That way I can always format and reinstall if I want to, and it takes me what 1-2 hours to have a fresh computer. Copy a few games back and I'm done. I wish someone would make a...