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    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255
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    Tired of the pain and the fight, so I'm giving in and giving up.

    Tired of the pain and the fight, so I'm giving in and giving up.
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    Making an Hydrocodone milkshake.

    Making an Hydrocodone milkshake.
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    FEMA to Send Its First "Presidential Alert" in Emergency Messaging System Test

    Well, it finally happened:vomit: All alerts turned off on my phones, so they remained silent, and when the alert popped on my TV I turned it off before the words started scrollingo_O There is not one thing THIS system will alert us to that either isn't already covered by existing alert systems...
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    Epic Apologizes for "Embarrassing" Breast Physics in Fortnite

    Third leg would be a cheat!:mad: It couldn't be allowed to touch the ground unless used as a mount/vehicle and below the knee yet not touching the ground makes it a weapon:ROFLMAO:
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    U.S. International Trade Commission Judge Declines to Ban iPhone Imports

    Any bets as to which phone Pender or the women in his family use and want the latest iteration of?
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    Apple Wants $9 Billion from Google to Keep Its Search as the Default on iOS

    That would be between 7M and 9M phones. Get the carriers to provide the free phones and free switching of phone numbers from one device to the other. Google can use the returned to create a huge Apple logo in a field and, with a large amount of explosives, literally blow away the competition...
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    Epic Apologizes for "Embarrassing" Breast Physics in Fortnite

    Note to EPIX: As a male, I believe that male avatars genitals should be much more visible and hanging free in the trousers/shorts! Unlike certain women who get jealous about virtual breasts being firmer, fuller and much perkier, than their own. Most guys want to show what they have and beat the...
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    Valve Renames Artifact Card with "Racist Connotations"

    Does it still "modify a black hero"? *putting nutcase cap on*:woot: If so, could not a "coordinated assault" resulting in modifying a "black hero" be taken as a group castrating a slave?!:eek:(n):whistle: *removing nutcase cap* They opened the door by letting those thin skinned, tree...
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    Snapchat Partners with Amazon

    They finally caught up to Penny on Big Bang Theory and her idea to have Sheldon create an app to find "cute shoes" others are wearing by simply taking a picture and finding stores selling those or similar looking products. Geesh! The idea's, what, seven years old at this point?! LOL
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    Alphacool Eiskoffer Lucky Draw

    I call DIBS! :ROFLMAO:
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    Australian Research Finds That Opening Loot Boxes Is Equivalent to Gambling

    And while I am fully on board that gambling addiction is real, is a problem and the game industry moving to micro-transactions versus simply giving us a complete experience for a decent price is bullshit. You didn't disprove my thoughts on the issue. There is no need for government intervention...
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    Australian Research Finds That Opening Loot Boxes Is Equivalent to Gambling

    So, are Christmas presents akin to gambling? Most of have paid the price, being good, doing well in school, helping out around home, etc, all in the hope that Santa will reward us. December 25th arrives and it's a box of socks and underwear, a bike you can't ride until summer and the slingshot...
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    South Korea May Make Sexual Harassment in Online Games Punishable by Law

    It's not just the women... How hard is it to block/ignore people you don't like?! My God! All this proves is that there are way to many ignorant thin skinned people playing online than should be allowed! I've played more than my share of acidic matches/games over the decades to know the...