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    Peltiers...What are they good for and how to use them?

    Thermoelectric couples are cool, (pun intended) but unless you are looking for a low noise solution (which you will pay for, as your WC loop to cool the TECs will have to be quiet as well), a vapor phase chiller is the best way to go, more efficient, more cooling power, lower temperature, and...
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    Water cooled, hitting 73c at load - help!

    reapply thermal paste, profit :)
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    Why spend $300-400 on an "overclocking" motherboard?

    Well, when the difference is more on the order of $70 or so, it makes sense.
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    H50 to H70 ... worth it?

    Probably not worth it.
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    Free partitioning program?

    Any free linux distro will have one built in. Just run the live edition off of a usb drive and you will have full control :) Also, partition magic is okay. Still gparted is the best, in my opinion.
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    Sent mobo for RMA due to faulty NIC, they returned same mobo still broken

    I have had bad experiences with Asus, just a heads up, their RMA can be funky... I was sent back the same broken board three times, it had a retention mechanism glued to the back of the socket....and it was not my original board...Go figure.
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    How is Amazon dealing with recalls

    Amazon looks to be fumbling this one
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    AMD Buyout

    time will tell what actually happens, this is just a rumour.
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    Goob2 (eBay) E6410 laptop

    I have the i7 version of this laptop, it is really quite good. The keyboard is cheap and the HDDs are not great, but such is life.
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    Intel X25-V = $76.49

    YamahaAlex, this is not needed,wear leveling is incorporated at the firmware level, you will be fine creating a full sized partition.
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    Google: Bing Is Cheating, Copying Our Search Results

    Definitely one of the funniest supposedly accurate and or substantiated online reports I have ever seen. Using the same browser? Of course it would pay off to use browser history in your search results, you would be silly not to. /thread
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    U.S. Calls Blitz on Alleged Pirated-Sports Sites

    Networks need to catch on to how the world works now, generation of revenue is changing. Also, language check, my friends...
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    Temperature does not change

    +1 Do not worry about it, I have had similar issues in the past. RMA the processor if you are troubled by it.
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    Will adding spare 8800GTS 512 be worth it?

    Almost certainly, an 8800GTS is fairly powerful when compared to a GTX 260! Also, consider the draw backs, if any.
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    FS/FT Access Glitch

    Apparently there is a glitch, I was able to post a thread in the FS/FT without having the requisite number of posts. Just a heads up to admins.