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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.
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    DAN A4-SFX: The smallest gaming case in the world

    Have posted my sealed Dan A4-SFX Black in For Sale / Trade. If anyone is interested.
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    Is XoticPC a goog place to buy?

    Xotic is good. The are a sager reseller as well as the other gaming laptop brands. The difference between buying from Sager or Xotic is mostly part choices. The resellers tend to offer more options on the different components that can go into the laptop. This is not just for Sager bit all the...
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    New Samsung 4k for everyone.

    Just picked up a UN40J7100 this weekend after reading this thread. So far its great for pc gaming and console gaming. Looking for a wireless headphone recommendation that works with the TV, so I only have to have one set of headphones, not one for each device. Bluetooth or RF is fine, I'm not...
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    XFX Radeon HD 4770

    The 4770 is also not as long as a GTS 250 and will fit better in smaller systems, using less power and run cooler. The GTS 250 would not be as cheap as this card if it was not for the price and performance of this card and AMD lowering the price of the 4850 to make up for the low stock of the...
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    ZOTAC GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi

    Wrong Post. Ignore.
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    Shuttle k45 - Is 80W enough?

    Are you not using the built in power supply
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    List of the components that i'm ordering

    Good specs., agree replace the psu with the Corsair for the money considering that Corsair psu are made by seasonic in the first place. Keep the ram you have, I would rather spend the extra $10 for ram that is speced to run at 1066. Also for the same price of the 9850 you can get the 9950...
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    New Slim Xbox 360 Revealed?

    I agree that maybe its a DEV kit.
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    45nm AMD CPUs To Get New Model Numbers?

    I would think that the fact that AMD has their memory controller built into the CPU increases the wattage, I'm not thinking alot but maybe 10W. This can account for the higher wattage, not all of it but some. Also Intels next CPU with integrated memory controller is 130W @ 3Ghz, which I think...
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    WTB: shuttle P series 350w psu

    Did you check the Shuttle Ebay Store, they have them up their some times. Also try asking over at SFFTech you might have more luck over their.
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    Quick question about the SG31G2

    It should support the Xeon, the best people to ask would be the Shuttle forum @ SFFTech, also don't let the 250W PSU bother you shuttles have extremely efficient PSU that can handle alot of load, check the SFFTech shuttle forum and see what thread about what shuttle PSU's can handle. Also I...
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    New Shuttle Build Won't Post, Video Signal Not Recognized

    Go to the Shuttle XPC forum at SFFTech, they will be able to help you better, there's more people over there with shuttles. Also having owned alot of shuttles, don't worry about the PSU they are extremely strong and efficient for their size. Over at SFFTech, they are running 9800 GTX and HD...
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    Which of these two chips is better?

    The northwoods were always the best P4 CPU, I would recomend that one. Faster and cooler.
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    9800GT or 9800GTX+, which one? help me decide.

    The Step-Up program is good only for 90 Days, if you upgrade to a new monitor and then Step-Up with in that 90 Days your going to be paying more than just going with a 4870/260 now. You have to remember that step up uses they price you payed for the card and the MSRP of the card your going to...