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    Anyone get their Steam Deck ordered?

    No reservation needed anymore.
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    Sony buying Bungie!!!!

    Sega is into more things than most people realize through their various subsidiaries. They run bowling alleys, arcades, and even point of sale terminals/cash registers at gas stations.
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    Ford Mustang Mach E Leak: Mustang goes Electric

    I still believe this thing should have been a Focus and not a Mustang regardless of the choice of propulsion system.
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    MrBeast Ranks as Highest-Paid YouTube Star Ever, Earning an Estimated $54 Million in 2021

    He didn't make anti-semitic jokes. He did a stunt where he paid some guys in another country to pull pranks on video and THEY did the anti-semitic joke written on a white posterboard without Pewdiepie's previous knowledge. IIRC, his reaction to it wasn't livestreamed, so he's still responsible...
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    Players found cheating in Call of Duty games may now find themselves banned from the entire franchise, including all previous games and future titles

    Who said they were using legit credit cards or other means of purchase actually tied to their real name? An enormous amount are purchased with stolen funds. I work in fraud and I see it ALL DAMN DAY. The idiots just straight purchase onto a steam, origin, blizzard account, etc. in their name...
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    Windows 11 Will Soon Block All Default Browser Workarounds

    Edge was hot garbage for several years until they switched it to being based on Chromium. Now it is actually usable and in some respects decent. I completely understand why some hate it because it isn't without it's flaws. Edge is quite commonly used in businesses due to all the MS integration...
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    Cowboy Beebop live action at Netflix!

    Unless Captain Kirk got sucked out a hull breach into an alternate universe where he transformed into a woman with amnesia, I'd say it's simply some easter egg they inserted hoping fans would see it. There was "Mushroom Samba" (an episode name in the original show) and "Royale with Cheese" on...
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    Battlefield 2042

    Not sure if this is a memory leak or working as intended. RAM usage was increasing about 2-3MB per second until it reached 16GB used. Normally the game runs about 8-9GB used. From the moment this screenshot was taken... it peaked. Then the round ended and immediately 2GB of RAM was freed. This...
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    Worth going from a i7-9700k to a AMD Ryzen 9 5900X?

    The only one of those games that has potential to max that CPU out is BF2042. But we're talking the difference between perfectly playable to omg overkill going up to the 5900x. Don't get me wrong, OMG overkill performance is what we all strive for just so we don't need to worry, but I'm fairly...
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    Apple will remotely install software to scan all US phones for child sex abuse images

    Lol can you imagine all the high schoolers who already share their nudes constantly?
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    Windows 11 May Not Run on Early Ryzen, Threadripper, Skylake-X, or Any Pre-2016 Intel PC

    That is a whole other branch of Windows aka Windows on ARM (or in this specific case Windows on Raspberry Pi "WoR") which MS treats like it's only serious enough about it to keep investors happy they are developing "something" when Apple is going balls to the wall on their ARM architecture and...
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    Battlefield 2042

    If the maps are good and aren't a bug ridden, game crashing mess like levolution was at launch for BF4 maps, I will forgive them for that. However, I will still be sad if they decide to cut DLC short like they did with BFV. As funny as that huge fuckin tornado was, I have strong suspicion it...
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    Battlefield 2042

    I remember those guys had that reality show Howe and Howe Tech on discovery channel about 10 years ago. I know they mostly survive on civilian purchases, but the US military has been toying with one of their tanks for years as a drone platform. I don't think they've gotten any major purchases...