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    Epic RTS Game?

    Homeworld series was the best, IMO. 100% true all 3D play, along with the fact that every single unit lost in battle stung because you always started a mission with the same ships you had at the finish of the previous mission.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I've been trying to get this fucking game started for that last half hour. I've about had it. Sometimes the updater stays up and ends up locking up. Sometimes I get as far as the demonic face in the middle of my desktop, and then it locks up. Sometimes, nothing happens when I click on the...
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    Diablo III is getting killed on Metacritic

    1st post in over 3 goddamn years, because of a game that I'm lucky to actually start up 65-70% of the time. If I shell out 60 dollars for a game I should be able to easily launch the damn thing 100% of the time, no matter what. And... I should be able to do it without doing this, this, and...
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    The Gamer’s Bill of Rights

    Yeah, some of those debunks are kind of a stretch. A couple in particular: 1. An assumption is made that the sole reason that a game does not run correctly is due to insufficient system requirements. 2. 2 points here: 1st, there has been times where the 'artists' may have been pressured...
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    whats your favorite gaming surface?

    '96 I believe. And to be honest, I'm not much of an aim when sober either. My counterstrike scores can attest to that.
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    CryEngine3 3-5 times Crysis

    The world is supposed to end in 2012 anyways, so what the hell difference does any of this make? :D
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    whats your favorite gaming surface?

    I'm pwnin' all u sumbiches with my special edition Duke Nukem 3D mouse pad. COME GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Corsair PSUs

    Corsair rocks!! My latest system has that exact PSU.
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    Coolermaster 590, Antec 300, or..

    I've been putting my own systems together for about 13 years now and the 690 is easily my favorite case. Not too tall, but still lots of room. Awesome airflow. Nice cable management features. My only knock, and it's a small one, is that 'front' USB, SATA, and firewire ports aren't really...
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    BenQ G2400W

    I spent about an hour this morning playing around with the adjustments on mine and no matter what I did, I could never get it to look as good as when I 1st plugged it in and turned it on. So, I set everything back to factory default.
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    This is my computer so far....what do we think

    I just put my new system together. I have that exact case and memory kit and am happy with both.
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    Which new mouse?

    Southpaw here, using the Razer Lachesis for the last several months. Ambidexterous, and 9 buttons.
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    BenQ G2400W hookup question

    Until I put my new PC together, mine is being powered by a Radeon 9700 pro and a 2.4 P4. No black borders. I'm using the entire screen. My desktop is at the native res, and Guild Wars works great. Counterstrike is running in full screen, but at a non-native lowere res. Can't comment about...
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    BenQ G2400W

    I took a ride to the TigerDirect warehouse and picked one of these up Saturday afternoon. I wanted to put it off until I was ready for my next pc build, but I couldn't wait. My Optiquest V95 crapped out on me finally after 11 years. My current pc is quite old, so there is no way in hell I can...
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    Three (3) Sequels you would LOVE to see made!

    A lot of the ones I'd like to see have been mentioned repeatedly already. However, one that hasn't is a sequel to what I think is one of the most underrated and underappreciated pc games ever: Sacrifice.