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    Star Citizen Developer Calls Real-Time Ray Tracing "A Massive Headache"

    Did most of you in here even read? They ARE NOT adding Ray Tracing since it's just too much to do at this point in time. The cost benefit isn't there. Except all I see for replies is "OMFG WHY ARE THEY ADDING RAY TRACING?!, THEY NEED TO GET THEIR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!!" Now I wonder how many...
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    PUBG Losing Players at a Furious Pace

    Definitely a lot of shit that still needs to fixed for sure. In my opinion though, it's come a long way in terms of performance (mine is a Vega64 LC). The game runs completely smooth, and works great with Freesync + Enhanced sync. I bet we'll see a resurgence with the new map at the end of the...
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    The Atari VCS Probably Isn't What You Think

    This is very confusing. To my knowledge they still haven't given any details on specs, so I don't know where this guy is getting this Bristol Ridge APU info. The last thing anyone heard, it was going to a Vega based GPU/APU (Raven Ridge??). I'm still excited to see what this thing will actually...
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    Post Your Workstations 2018

    Here's to a new year, but same old workstation location....
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    Silicon Valley’s Next Big Idea: Untreated Drinking Water

    You. have got be. fucking kidding me. I think the worlds collective IQ has dropped dramatically this year. Way to ring in 2018 guys.
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    Star Citizen’s New Planet-Sized Cities Unveiled at Citizen Con

    I've obviously struck a nerve with some of you here, so I apologize for that. I'm definitely not as die hard a fan as some out there though. I won't try to defend the game too much here, since as a few of you mentioned, it's the "same lazy excuse". They've definitely had their share of problems...
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    Star Citizen’s New Planet-Sized Cities Unveiled at Citizen Con

    Alpha 3.0 is the core of what the game will be. Half the time I think people don't realize the scope of what they have to create to make this all work together so they can actually release the game. I for one am most excited about the change from feature driven to date driven. We'll be seeing a...
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    What Microsoft Is Saying Internally about Surface Quality and Reliability

    We're doing the same with our VP's. So far there hasn't been too many issues. Mostly with docking, and one guy who is more used to using macOS.
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    Japan Wants to Put a Man on the Moon

    I have no words for the level of ignorance in this thread....We truly seem to be living in the age of intellectual regression.
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    HP, Lenovo, ASUS to Release First Snapdragon 835 Windows 10 PCs

    I think this will pave the way for a proper Surface phone in the future. Probably with the Snapdragon 845. being able to run emulated x86 apps on a phone will truly be a personal computer in your pocket. Honestly I think this is what Windows 10 mobile should of been from the start (Thinking HP...
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    Windows 10 Is Broken: Fix It, Microsoft!

    Nothing wrong with Windows Updates here. Active Hours seem to be doing its job, and I've NEVER had an occurrence of Windows restarting in the middle of anything that I was doing since I've been running the insider builds before RTM. Most of these headlines we see are from people who are...
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    AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.10.2

    Hoping that crossfire will work now in BF1. I still don't think it's supported in DX12 mode. I've seen some say that they can't even get it working in DX11.
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    Windows 10 Updates Ruin Everything

    This is specifically the reason why Microsoft doesn't include an option to disable auto updates. It would be just like XP & 7. No one would do updates because they "can't be bothered", and thus they would be using a system with unpatched exploits and security holes with hundreds of backlogged...
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    HP Tries To Reinvent Computing With Elite x3 W10 Phone

    Agree with this 100%. I bought into the Motorola Arix and lapdock years ago, and the experience was really not that great. Hopefully with Microsoft's rumored Surface Phone, we'll get an x86 power phone that can really be an asset in the work place. Hell i might even ditch Android if that ever...
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    Have We Exceeded Our Computer Storage Needs?

    14TB total. 2.4TB free. I did have 18TB+ before I retired my two 2TB Hitachi's, which are for sale currently ;)