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    55" High Definition LED TV Sets With SVideo

    With the scalers in a decent reciever you can plug in legacy analog connections like composite, svideo, scart (in in Europe) and have the reciever send out the signal through HDMI.(Most if not all Pioneer Elite recievers will do this) It does not matter the source component itself because the...
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    Hydraulic VESA Desk Mount?

    I have my Overlord mounted on one of these, you will NOT regret the purchase. It is VERY well built.
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    Violent Video Games Removed From Rest Areas

    Agreed! I want to puke, or punch this person in the face.
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    Violent Video Games Removed From Rest Areas

    This state makes me sick. My state is run by a bunch of stupid hippies with nothing better to do than waste their time on shit like this.
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    How Wide Will 20 x 30 x 20 PLP Be?

    You may want to get something like THIS
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    Amazon Pulled Asus PB278Q

    WOW! Now that is customer service!
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    Best 27" non 1920x1080

    If you want a 1440P Monitor that does 120Hz you have two options: Overlord Tempest or Yamasaki Catleap. Both come in OC versions. I own a Tempest OC and the performs amazingly.
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    crispest text

    In my experience a VA Panel IE: PVA or MVA have the best text quality.
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    Overlord Tempest owners thread

    Jack - Are you using a Mini DP to Dual Link DVI adapter or the DVI-D port on the card itself? If you are using the Mini DP adpater and it is not an active adapter then do yourself a favor and pick one up from monoprice. They are NOT cheap at $99 each but they work well.
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    Overlord Tempest owners thread

    GET OUT!!!! :D
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    Overlord Tempest owners thread

    I have owned mine for about two weeks and I am absolutely loving it. Ill take some pics once I get my desk cleaned up ;) Dont need you guys busting my nuts over a dirty desk :)
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    Overlord Tempest owners thread

    There seems to be a lack of an ongoing thread realting to this amazing monitor so I am creating one.
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    Thank You Galaxy

    Thanks for posting this. It is good to hear that there are still companies that provide good service, this is overlooked and no longer seems to be valued by many companies.
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    Samsung 840 Series 500GB TLC SSD Review @ [H]

    Have mine as a Steam/Apps drive and loving it completely, and it didn't even break the bank.