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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Just wanted to give an update on my situation- I ended up re-running benchmark tests while at main menu just for no reason whatsoever and afterwards I'm surprisingly able to re-enter my story save! Absolutely mind boggling. Thanks, pendragon1 for throwing out suggestions during my week-long...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Yeah, that's where I worked out of myself. I tried verifying the files twice, but I'm still getting that error. Works fine if I launch Red Dead Online, but anything with my Story save, it gives that dialog box during the loading screens. If I could figure out where my save file is locally (I'm...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Did you mean the system.xml file under settings? If so, I tried this earlier before the quick patch released today. It didn't do anything for me. Really wanted to get through most of the weekend with this, but I'm at wits end with this. I'll probably uninstall and reinstall when I have the...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I'm getting the same error below. This only started happening to me the moment I thought I'd give Red Dead Online a try on Saturday. Since then, every single time I try to continue my Story save, that below message pops up for me during loading. I didn't see it (heard the ping) and got the...
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    YouTube TV Expands Its Service Nationwide

    I made the switch to YouTube TV when I cut the cord upon my return trip from overseas near the end of last year. I'm pretty pleased with it, though initially I had a lot of buffering issues, as if the packets just outright dropped. At one point, they credited me $10 off my following bill due...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone!
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    BIOS updates for AM4 motherboards

    AGESA now available for the CH7:
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    hey Nuby, have you checked out the [H] Discord channel lately? looks like a spammer joined the...

    hey Nuby, have you checked out the [H] Discord channel lately? looks like a spammer joined the other day and flooded the general room with a bunch of nonsense.
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    Elite: Dangerous

    I think on both- at least, I got it directly from Frontier but last I checked on Steam, it looks like it's applicable there too.
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    Elite: Dangerous

    Just saw this game for 60% off Frontier's website. Roughly $24 for the deluxe edition, and I think $12 for the expansion and $12 for the base game. I figure I'd give this a shot- my friends with VR setups seem to be enjoying this title. I just wish the download speed for installing was a bit...
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    Der8auer X Lian Li PC-011

    I finally got around to getting the vertical bracket and my first GPU waterblock on! Not too much of a big deal, but if it was just a smidgen wider, my soft tubing for the GPU wouldn't be pressing slightly against the glass. I guess my next step is to look into hard tubing later on.
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    Shenmue 3 PC Requirements Released, Needs 100GB of Space

    Just got that Micron 2TB SSD from Amazon not too long ago! My body is ready.
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    Der8auer X Lian Li PC-011

    I recently put my build together after getting the black version of this case. I only had a bit of a gripe regarding the top panel; mine had some standoffs that conveniently 'broke off' but with a little gorilla glue, I got them back in place. I just ordered the riser card mount, bracket and...
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    Der8auer X Lian Li PC-011

    I preordered this early in the month. I'm hoping it comes in by end of week. I haven't had a Lian-Li case since my Athlon days.
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    WD 1TB Black NVMe PCIe Gen3 M.2 2280 SSD $293.27

    My order was shipped, but then a stop delivery and return request was sent to UPS. My order from antonline was also cancelled and an email was sent later from Amazon stating the reason was: "Customer return." ...oookay. Well, at least Amazon's processed the refund purchase. I did send the...