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    ASUS Announces PCE-AC88

    Anyone knows when they are going to be available? Saw somewhere that its going to be between 17-20 July..
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    ASUS Announces PCE-AC88

    Can't wait to get this one. Good for me, I was delaying to get 68 one.
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    RIP 980 Ti Gaming6

    Dod you changed BIOS or something?
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    Logitech G9x?

    Well I managed to get one locally on Canadian website like Craigslist for 30$ sure I had to drive 150 miles but it's worth it.
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    Logitech G9x?

    I just put my last shroud and after its wear off ill have to use my Proteus 502... But for me personally G9x is the most comfortable mouse i ever used.. I just wish i bought 4-5 of them when i had a chance.
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    Logitech G9x?

    Thanks, I was hoping for some miracle, but i get it.
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    Logitech G9x?

    Logitech G9x anyone knows a place to get one? But not for crazy price like 200+ box...
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    I'd recommend staying the hell away from Gigabytes Firmware update on the 980 TI G1

    Wow. Thanks for the update dude. Sorry to hear about what happened to you.
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    GIGABYTE GTX 980 Ti G1 GAMING Video Card Review @ [H]

    Anyone with more than one of those cards? I have question regardin the ASIC quality... I have one with ASIC 60.9% and pretty much no matter what i tried i can't overclock her over 1500. No matter which BIOS or what settings i use. As soon as i run it at 1500 i getting this nvidia driver error...
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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    I LOVE my AX1200 And my Obsidian 800D and i need need more Corsar gear!
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    verizon galaxy nexus vs RAZR review

    Reserved for possible bashing of "possible review"
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    Modern Warfare 3 General Discussion

    Well i got it for 20$ and still feel cheated. Activisions are morons who are killing the game for us.
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    Rage (PC) $40.19 via Steam

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    Newegg SHOCKER :)

    Oooh OK, my bad. Now its qualified for "jaw dropping savings" LOL :D
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    Newegg SHOCKER :)

    I just wonder, why they even bother post shit like this?