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    Linux for Beginners type books, any suggestions?

    As mentioned, hands-on is the best. Start out with a VM and don't be afraid to break it (I like VMware Player best on Windows). A Google/Bing//DDG search will usually get you the info you need. If you really prefer the book route, there is occasionally a relevant Humble Bundle for a good deal...
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    I need networking help. Given what I have and need, which system?

    Are the current APs WiFi 5? If they're working fine for you currently, bring the Unifi APs into the new house, pick up a third matching AP if you really need to for complete coverage. Wait to upgrade until WiFi 6e is readily available in a year or two. Maybe by then there will be something that...
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    Monkey Mind Pong

    "Monkey Mind Pong" is the name of my Pixies/Flaming Lips mashup cover band.
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    Frys going out of Business

    It was just a small equipment demo theater. Like a lot of initiatives they undertook (e.g., the counter for building custom PCs that became a place to stack boxes of inventory), it was largely forgotten about not too long after it was implemented.
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    Vpn and firewall for home

    If you can get fixed IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) for minimal cost then great. But it's not needed. Dynamic DNS (DDNS) should work just as well. Most home/SMB/SOHO routers have a DDNS client built-in.
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    Logitech discontinues harmony remotes Sad to see them go. Are there any decent options for replacements from other manufacturers?
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    Best 4 TB SSD ? SATA or M2 ?

    Agreed. Unless space and power are at some kind of premium (e.g., laptop) or you feel like burning cash, just use a HDD. There's no real performance benefit with a SSD for such usage. If you really feel like spending cash on storage, consider a small NAS instead.
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    Best 4 TB SSD ? SATA or M2 ?

    What kind of data? OS/apps? Games? Media files for creation/editing and/or playback? Some kind of development work?
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    How can I find out what is waking the PC up?

    Windows? In my experience it's almost always the NIC. Turn off all its options for wake-from-sleep, power-saving, etc. FLIRC IR receivers can wake-from-sleep.
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    Looking for software to store user/pwd info

    I was on LastPass, and recently migrated to BitWarden. So far it's working well. Not obtrusive, and has clients for just about every browser/platform. Free, but does have a subscription option for some of the more advanced features.
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    Best way to route ... HW vs SW

    Umm... this sounds messy. Got a map?
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    ARM server status update / reality check

    True, NVMe is technically more capable. But I doubt the RPi SoC or similar is going to be a top choice for anyone who needs to process a ton of IOPS. I'd be concerned that the CPU wouldn't be able to keep up and load average would go through the roof. Initial dev, yeah, sure. Well yeah, that's...
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    ARM server status update / reality check

    Because it's silly for Bradocom to waste time and effort on getting NVMe up on the single PCIe 2.0 lane for I/O speeds that are slower than SATA3? I'm not sure why RPi are bothering. The PCIe connectivity is only available from RPi 4 Compute Modules, on the 4B it's dedicated to the USB ports...
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    What's the proper way to close a hung program in Linux?

    Across my laptop, desktop, and assorted VM guests and LXC containers, I can't remember the last time I had an issue with upgrading. Windows 10 on my desktop, on the other hand, always seems to have an issue with every other major upgrade.
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    why is dual NVMe adapter so expensive?

    The card is very basic. All it's really doing is mapping the electrical lines from the PCIe slot to the individual SSDs. It's providing no RAID functionality of its own. Any NVMe SSDs connected to it will show as themselves to the system. Any NVMe SSD that physically fits should work. SATA...