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    First Laptop - help?

    I looked at them at first, but I just can't get used to that screen. I borrowed a friend's Aspire One for a week and was not a fan of that screen. I'll have the desktop, however it'll be at home, so I'd like another computer in my apartment and for class. Didn't clarify.
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    First Laptop - help?

    My parents and grandparents graciously offered me a laptop as a grad present, and I have $600 to work with here. (I can use more, but it;s OOP) What am I looking for? Uses: Firefox. MS Word. AIM. WMP. uTorrent. That's all I'd use it for. I still have a desktop for when I move...
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    Plexi Questions...

    Okay, so for a mod I'm working on, I plan to use painted plexi and to etch my school logo into it. This will be on the bottom of my case, and I was thinking of etching the logo into the black paint, so it will have a haze on it when I have it backlit. But I was wondering, should I etch the...
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    Building a PC For a Friend...

    Thanks for the heads up on the PSU, I'll look for another route. And the CPU won't be updated soon. He generally buys a new PC every 2-3 years, and doesn't upgrade in that period. (Except for maybe drives, and graphics) For the video, I'm starting to lean more towards the 9600GT...
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    Building a PC For a Friend...

    Hey guys, I'm building a PC for a bud of mine, and I want to make sure everything looks alright. He games, but nothing too hardcore. Not loo0king to go over a grand including shipping. CPU: Intel e4500 Motherboard: Slightly undecided. Gigabyte P31 sufficient? RAM: 2GB Value-DDR2...
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    No Images In Browsers?

    Whelp, I'm attempting to fix my grandfather's PC at the moment, and I'm at a loss. The internet won't load images. IE6 or Firefox, every page has a white background and any other images are white as well. If I navigate to the URL of an image, it will load, but not on a page. By no means am I a...
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    Free Oakley Microfiber Bag

    Woot, just got it today. Thanks OP, now I have a new bag to stuff change in. :D
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    More AT&T Outages?

    I haven't lost coverage on my ATT cell phone in..... well a LONG time. :D
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    [Warm?] Guitar Hero:III $42.90 (XboX 360)

    GoGamer GH3 - $42.90 Not a bad price at all if you already have a guitar.
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    8800GT Release?

    Today, I thought. :D
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    Forget Crysis! GH3 FTW!!!!

    I don't see how it's a 'premium' price for a controller; it costs just as much as any other wireless controller for a console. (Give or take a few bucks) And as far as the game goes, waiting to pick it up when it drops for the PC. :D
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    Should I cancel my Newegg order

    If that's a black PCB I'll scoop that shit right up. :D
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    Let's Clear the Confusion: 8800GT stronger or weaker than the new GTS?

    It's actually looking like he may be. :D:D
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    Holy crap my Crysis framerate!!

    I really hope I'm not the only one that laughed under my breath at that statement. :D :p
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    TF2 - Recording Gameplay Footage

    TF2 Demo Functions...