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    Tesla Largely Responsible for Slide in US Home Solar Sales

    I've been seeing this on the G feed and I've yet to read it. If they don't mention that tax breaks and the amount for paying back into the grid changes in the blurb then I feel it's going to be myopic speculation.
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    Quake Champions is Getting a New Champion

    Oh shoot, ti's been released already? I keep bashing it as an upcoming game. I should switch my tense.
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    Google Has Launched Three New Photography Apps

    I still don't understand releasing things only on your competitor's platform or first. It's not like the play store doesn't have the ability to target specific phones. It just makes your own platform seem inferior.
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    Virginia’s $40 Toll Road Better Be the Future of Driving

    I hope this isn't the future and it dies a quick death. I live in the burbs but grew up in the city. I have friends on the north side of the city and I am in the south burbs. I rarely have or want to go into the city in the morning rush but there have been times. With congestion charge it...
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    Netflix Is Not Going to Kill Piracy, Research Suggests

    Of course Netflix won't stop piracy; the biggest reason is that the industry won't let it. The content they will allow Netflix to have or not is a big impact. All the articles of "oh my gosh what's leaving netlfix" shows this. Also there are no deals that seem to be that this is where older...
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    Stripper Revenues Look for Steep Drop Q1'18

    By the headline I thought this was going to do with Startenders.
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    What the Hell Happened to the Steam Hardware Survey?

    I just want the option to take the survey on the machine that I want, not just the one that happens to pop up on while I'm using team.
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    Google Says Nearly 250,000 Web Logins Hijacked Each Week

    This isn't about what someone is looking at. Google becomes suspicious of our activity, causing a prompt to verify you're human. If I get that page and look at the other info they suggest things like malicious traffic. However they don't tell you what exactly, I could have a bot on my network...
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    Google Says Nearly 250,000 Web Logins Hijacked Each Week

    I can't be too happy with Google and security. Because I am an admin for a school and I use a web filter that relies on SSL inspection via MitM, however Google becomes suspicious of our traffic and breaks that. However I cannot get any information on whats causing this to fix it. Nothing at all...
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    Ubisoft: PS5, Next Xbox Are at Least Two Years Away

    I'd hope with the refresh systems that we'd almost reset the clock and be closer to 3 to 4, years. I'm still hurting form XBL games I can't have anymore and I am not happy with what's been done with current generation. I think I'd be better served with leaving them alone.
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    Verizon Wants FCC to Ban States From Protecting Your Privacy

    Their network has been crap for... a while now. Dropped calls in Downtown Chicago, low signal and terrible throughput. Not to mention how they hijack Youtube and FORCE everything to go to the lowest (240p) resolution. Last time I jumped it up to 1080 because i needed to see detail, it buffered...
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    New Self-Regulating Nanoparticles Could Treat Cancer

    Isn't this how I am Legend started?
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    Facebook Denies 'listening' to Conversations

    I have to kind of call bull on this. Rather it's them directly or an ad partner though them, I think it has happened to me. One night I was at bar trivia and I was discussing, umm, boobs sort of. We got into a conversation about bindings, and I brought up my favorite example of Christina Ricci...
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    Why Snapchat Spectacles Failed

    How cheap can they be had? Are they hackable? How decent/crappy is the camera?
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    Microsoft Receives Patent to Protect the Headphone Jack

    Yes I want a heaphone jack. I'm not considering the Pixel 2 because it's not included.