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    Colo network design

    Create an LACP trunk to each device. create a VLAN for storage, a VLAN for VM traffic, and a VLAN for your management (can include IPMI in this same VLAN probably)
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    juniper firewall/vpn recommendations

    I deploy SRX100's everywhere. they're solid.
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    Who, besides Cisco, for enterprise access switches?

    +1 hate seeing sketchy non tier1 gear
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    My home network rebuild
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    Who, besides Cisco, for enterprise access switches?

    I've used a bit of everything. Dislike brocade, avaya, nortel, and Dell. HP is good, but limited feature sets (mostly worked with 28xx, 29xx and zl chassis. CLI is very close to Cisco Juniper is my current favourite (disclaimer, I'm a Juniper partner, but also a Cisco Partner) I love...
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    Favorite Netflow Analyzer/Collector

    I've used flowviewer in the past and liked it, simple: plixer is also okay:
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    Upgrading fiber between buildings

    damn, that's gonna be an aweful lot of broadcast traffic...
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    Network pics thread

    nice! I know what you mean about the commit time, it's annoying waiting for my SRX240 cluster to commit, our config is getting rather large, and commit does take a while.
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    Network pics thread

    nice! how are you liking the QFX gear?
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    iSCSI over dvswitch, or hybrid?

    Curious what most people are doing in this scenario. I've got a few hosts with 4 1Gb NICs, currently have a DvSwitch with ports 0 and 1 for vm traffic, mgmt, and vmotion, and a standard vSwitch with port 2 and 3 for my iSCSI with the virtual initiators bound to physical ports as per the relevant...
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    Does this router exist?

    What is your budget? Does it need to be passively cooled?
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    re-visit network monitoring

    if orion/npm is too pricey, there is always ipmonitor (also from solarwinds). HP sitescope sucks. Zabbix is pretty cool, and cacti+thold works pretty well if you have the time to set it up. Lot's of love around here for nagios as well, but I don't use it personally.
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    Need to find a faster test server :/
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    Juniper switch for home use?

    I've switched to using nothing but Juniper in new deployments at work, mostly EX4200. We've got EX-2200's in our office though. They're good switches, and the CLI is the same across all product lines running JUNOS, so it's nice that the switches and firewalls have the same config setup.
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    Network pics thread

    yup, the EX4200 stack is LOUD, those are EX4200-48P's, with dual 930W PSU's, they move quite a bit of air.