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    Where to buy P67 board right now

    My current computer is on its way out and I can't play any games on it anymore due to overheating, and I would also like to find a P8P67 Pro/ASRock Extreme 4 at ATX size so I don't have to wait several months before being able to play anything again. Like some of the others here, I have no use...
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    vesa mount?

    Purchased mounts for your monitors would likely cost more than the monitors are worth. Personally, I would suggest buying (or making) a vesa bracket and attach it to a pipe if you don't need to adjust the monitors and have a little extra time on your hands.
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    Warcraft III: Aeon of Strife & Tower Defense, anyone play? Any tips?

    DotA tip: get a key to the HoN beta It's the same game along with the same (sadly terrible) community, just without leavers.
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    Heroes of Newerth - anyone have an invite?

    Banning Pick also enables you to get around most of the overpowered characters.
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    Brand new EYEFINITy triple 27" monitor arm

    You're correct. Ergonomically, your eyes should be about level with the top of the screen.
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    PS3: 120gb VS 250gb, any point?

    I use PS3 Media Center, and it auto-transcodes every video I've thrown at it on the fly. I haven't seen how it handles 1080p yet though, but I'm sure that if you had a strong system you would be fine.
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    What OS to install in my netbook?

    I have Win7 Pro on my AAO netbook (1.5gb ram) with aero enabled and it is about the same "speed" as XP was but with the usual W7 improvements in functionality. The largest limiting factor in snappiness of the machine is mostly due to the slow hard drive.
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    Dragon Age Origins discussion...

    If you build your party right, most trash mob groups are cake on normal. The only people you really need to micromanage are your casters. AoE disables are worth their weight in gold. Mass paralysis followed by a well placed cone of cold on the mob inevitably surrounding your tank (sorry tank)...
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    Compare Torchlight and Borderlands

    Borderlands has a slower item upgrade frequency (tons of trash, little worthwhile) and the AI has more opportunity to screw up compared to torchlight, but otherwise they're very similar past the isometric vs fps differences. Also since BL is longer you end up fighting the same enemies for a...
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    MW2, No Dedicated Servers, PB, 9v9 limit, leaning, etc etc

    No one has said anything bad about the SP experience past the 4.5 hour length.
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    MW2, No Dedicated Servers, PB, 9v9 limit, leaning, etc etc

    Being a professional reviewer would simply make the problem worse with the review as expectations would be higher. (Well, not so much in the end because game reviewers are a joke for the most part anyway.) Pong runs great on my computer. *I* think it looks good too so 10/10! What you did...
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    MW2, No Dedicated Servers, PB, 9v9 limit, leaning, etc etc

    The "review" lost all credibility when you starting rating weapons/perks/KD streaks. At least you're not bothering to hide your lack of objectivity. Also, 10/10 graphics? Hahaha
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    Modern warfare 2+ eyefinity = fail

    In short, you're out of luck, MW2 is locked with a 65 degree FoV. Eyefinity will ALWAYS look absolutely ridiculously wrong with a 65 degree FoV. Did you miss the whole IW debacle or what? This shouldn't come as a surprise.
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    File Syncronization Services?

    If you don't need to have the files accessible from anywhere, you can use Live Sync which has no file size limitations. Of course as you're not uploading nor downloading from the cloud, the transfer speeds will likely be limited by the sending computer's upload speed. On a LAN however, the...