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    DIY RAID Advice please.

    The 27" imac is still openable (unless you have the very latest one, and you can remove the optical drive and use that spot for an ssd. The next best is an option I forgot to mention above, the Pegasus J4. It's a 4 bay 2.5" enclosure that can do raid or individual drives (which you can then...
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    DIY RAID Advice please.

    How much space do you want ? What kind of mac do you have ? Here are some ideas: - The cheapest Thunderbolt enclosuer that can do daisy chaining is a dual drive LaCie for about $190. $360 + 2x hard drives. - OWC makes a thunderbolt to pcie chassis. It's $350. Add a raid card to it (something...
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    Sony announces Google edition phone.

    false. sony did not announce it. it is a rumor.
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    HTC One X usb drivers..

    you need to install some htc drivers and adb for it to work. easiest way is to install htc sync, then install the android sdk.
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    [Rumor] HTC One X not getting next version of Android

    so what you're saying, is that based on an unconfirmed rumor of a year old device possibly not getting an update, and that a device from a carrier that has been known to delay updates that also has (surprise, that carrier's) some included useless and un-uninstallable apps, that you shouldn't buy...
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    phones are just getting too big, what happened to small phones?!

    So what you're saying is that because the galaxy has a higher resolution, the device needs to be made bigger Since it's bigger, they now have more room for a higher capacity battery, which they need to power the bigger screen Which is why the iphone, which is faster, but with a smaller...
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    phones are just getting too big, what happened to small phones?!

    you can still one hand it, if your hands aren't babby hands
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    Would you use Facebook Home?

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    Storage Spaces Win8

    Z F S
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    End of an era. Disney shuts down LucasArts. :(

    havent liked any of their stuff for a decade.
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    which mechanical switches are like membrane

    there is only one mfg of switches so you can choose from blue red black or brown. there are no other choices at all and everyone who likes membrane keyboards is wrong because all membrane keyboards are terrible.
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    Corsair 600T -- White vs. Silver

    neither of them ? The white doesn't loook particularly good in real life and the "silver" looks kinda plasticy in real life maybe if it was black or even better not plastic
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    Battlefield 4 Game Play Video Is Up!

    I'm sorry you two have no idea what's good or not.
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    Sometimes less is more

    fuck that bigger is better, note 2
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    Inexpensive dedicated storage without ZFS?

    Hello Sir, Have you considered letting ZFS into your life? Please, have a read of our book, the Solaris handbook.