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    NOD 32 @ newegg $25

    I'm comin Elizabeth... I'm comin!!!
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    Network drop cost

    The vendor I (have no choice but to) use does the same. They'll do whatever we want, but the meter is running.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

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    Sexy Asus 3870X2

    Echo that. WTB rear exhaust.
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    Intel To Double Notebook CPU Shipments By 2011

    Story could also be titled: 'Expect identity theft to double by 2011'. :rolleyes::p
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    A WoW Graphical Update?

    Current info mixed with speculation is that in the next expansion there will be some updates to textures, lighting, etc, and other minor upgrades. Probably along the same lines as the transition from original WoW to BC (possibly a little more). There is no evidence that it will be as substantial...
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    Early Tri Core look

    I'm guessing that he was saying joe average consumer or desktop workstations, as opposed to enthusiasts. Although I don't agree with the terminology that they're pushing tri-core. I think it's just a smart way to recoupe defects. Lemonade and all that.
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    MS Adds 84 Games To BC List

    Gah, how did I miss this? Going to go dig MW out when I get home tonight! :D
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    MS Adds 84 Games To BC List

    I wish they would get Morrowind going on it, but I'm pretty confident it won't happen. Alas. :)
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    An Apple Store At 3am

    They get paid more to work at night, with only a few (herbally mellowed) customers. We should all be so lucky.:p
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    $10 off any game 29.99 up @ BB

    Going to use this for Mass Effect. Thanks OP.
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    Google Plans Service to Store Users' Data

    I would be all over this as a 'safe' and remote location to store things like backups of music, pics, etc. But the fact that Google will have their little eyes all over everything I own really turns me off. Undecided. On a different thought, what's to keep people from using this as a their...
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    Greenpeace Criticizes Microsoft, Nintendo

    Your Wii needs to be greener.
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    Halo 3 Legendary @ Amazon $59.99 NR

    Well I bit. Was going to buy it anyway eventually, why not get the extra swag if its the same price. Thanks OP.