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    VMware Updates per-CPU Pricing Model

    I think a lot of this has to do with ARM servers honestly.
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    Micro Center 2700X - $139, 3600 - $149 (In-store only)

    They are dropping prices on most of their gen 2/3 stuff too 2700X for $140 for example , 3800X for $299.. fun stuff.
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    Office 365 Pro-Plus to Change Chrome's Default Search Engine to Bing

    I actually use bing probably 90% of the time, works great. Don't like that they would auto install a plugin to do the switch though.
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    Matrox to Develop Embedded Graphics Cards with NVIDIA

    Completely agreed, I was a bit of a fanatic about them up till the end of the G400 days, loved EMBM , And yea, had the Millenium + Diamond Monster 3d combo in my DEC at the time, worked great.
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    Nintendo Switch “Pro” GPU to be Based on Volta Architecture; 4K Support, Massive Performance Improve

    Switch is the only console worth owning IMO, switch + great gaming PC is pretty much all you need. Also, should note for those that only read title, assuming it cut off , it is NOT expected to get big updates according to this.
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    The new Microsoft Edge Browser is out of Preview and now Available for Download

    I liked it a lot better than chrome in the preview, seemed a lot less of a resource hog.
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    Switch From Windows to Linux

    I've been running both since the Athlon 64 days. Can pretty much run most games on both at this point, granted at a speed difference. Pretty much switch back and forth depending on what applications I'm running.
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    China's Latest Loongson CPUs Are On Par With AMD's Excavator

    These are on 28 nm Next set of chips are going to be on 12nm
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    18-year-old Morrowind mod project releases 60 new quests, massive new map

    Totally agree, with Daggerfall being my second favorite .
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    NVIDIA® DGX-2™

    Yea, they're pretty neat ;)
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    PSA: electric scooter rental can get you a DUI...

    Yes, you drive impaired you should get the punishment. The same goes for any powered vehicle. Bikes, I'm a little iffy on, yes if on a road, yes if on a sidewalk near a road, no if on a trail , but that tends to fall under park service things, and could be a felony anyway.
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    Intel Recalls Quad Core Xeon CPU because of inadeqate stock cooler

    Oh yea, and even in that platinum style . My inside sales team screwed up and purchased me a USC C240 with a Xeon Platinum 8156 instead of the Gold version I wanted with a bunch more cores for a lot less money. Was pretty angry, but still did the job for the traffic generator for the Cable...
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    Stadia not so good after all?

    1. No It isn't, just isn't exactly setup well yet , low latency docsis and some other things in the pipeline are making things interesting 2. Um, no. I'll give you a hint, the fiber isn't where the latency comes from, the latency decreases are the devices along the route and speeding up, well...
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    AMD possibly going to 4 threads per core

    I've messed around with some Power9's at work, for what I was using them for SMT4 seemed to work well, though ditto above as was mostly for compute work for simulations.