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    Old Supermicro EPYC bios

    Dam your good:) Many thanks for the help it is VERY much appreciated.
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    Old Supermicro EPYC bios

    Thanks your Google-fu is strong. It seems still need some guidance I cant find 1.0a release notes and in fact without your link I cant even find 1.0b ,how the hell did you find it?
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    Old Supermicro EPYC bios

    Anyone have any idea how I can get my hands on older versions of Supermicro Bios? I have an H11Dsi and i'm looking for bios versions 1.0a and 1.0b. I purchased it from a German re-seller who is not helping:(
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    I almost did the same when the E5 rig was first running, hows it doing now?
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    I have some problems with my new Xeon 4P rig, need some help?

    I am seeing the exact same thing on my new rig 4P E5-4650 C0 stepping.
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    Cheap home for SWTX is your ears can stand it!

    The three that I have opened all came with 6 drive trays but no shroud. I ran them with passive heat sinks 6176 6176SE and 6180's at stock, while loud temps remained under control (here in the UK). Also ran one with CLS0017's, temps are lower and much less noise:cool:.
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    Cheap home for SWTX is your ears can stand it!

    Yes the 5 I have are for my use and I paid a lot more before he dropped the price:( I just wanted to let you guys know they are available on ebay and that 4p G34 boards fit without issue.
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    Cheap home for SWTX is your ears can stand it!

    Just got five CSE-828TQ-R1200LPB from the bay of e. They have dual 1200w psu's and take a H8QGL's without modification, two 8 pin power connections run 6180's fine while folding. H8QG6 install is not optimal but works ok if not overclocking (one processor does not get full air flow)...
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    Pondering 4P bigs

    Re-use of the racks should not be a problem I have a 4p running on one... these are 1u deeper than yours but same should apply, don't think the extra fans on top are needed. Also don't go for the coolers I have CLS0017's they cover a ram slot on my H8QG6 and had to be cut to fit this...
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    AMD 4P CPU Configs

    Avoid CLS0017's I have some and they cover the first ram slot on a H8GQ6-f and had to be cut up to fit an H8QGL-6:(
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    SR-2 Ubuntu is actively folding in native Linux... but no go as an HTPC

    This helped me with my audio problems. For overscan you should have an nvidia control panel if you have installed the nvidia drivers(if not do). You can get at this by going to the top right of the screen(even if you cant see it) left click and then settings (i think its the bottom link on...
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    Interlagos has landed

    I to have a 4P MC ES rig still looking for more but you guys keep snapping them up;) I just put together a second 4p and a 2p but with stock chips anyone done a how to for the supermicro clockgen? I would love to know how its done:)
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    New extra large -bigadv on Beta

    I have some heatsinks but they need to be modified to fit and i just dont have the time at the moment, should be done by July(ish);)
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    New extra large -bigadv on Beta

    Thanks Hydra as she is called is still a work in progress, i need to sort out some vrm cooling and NB cooling to get the max out of her. Shooting for that 1mill rig:) Edit : Voltage is at 1.175 but I realy do need to cool the vrm's.
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    New extra large -bigadv on Beta

    Hello from the folks over here at OcUK:) Ive just snagged a 6903 on my 48 core rig frame times are around 11.30 for a theoretical ppd of 920K+:eek: This rig is overclocked to 2.9Ghz, if things stay as they are with the points on these things i can see a 1Mill rig coming very soon:D