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    FS: Asus 1080Ti Strix, Gigabyte 1080Ti Aorus, EVGA 1600W G2, and Seasonic 1200W Platinum

    Thank you! They were never overclocked. They underclocked (TDP 60%) and was used for mining.
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    FS: Asus 1080Ti Strix, Gigabyte 1080Ti Aorus, EVGA 1600W G2, and Seasonic 1200W Platinum

    All items are in perfectly working condition. All original packaging and accessories included. Asus 1080Ti Strix (purchased Dec 2017) $old Gigabyte 1080Ti Aorus (purchased Dec 2017 $old EVGA 1600W G2 (purchased Jan 2018) $old Seasonic 1200W Platinum (purchased Dec 2017) $old...
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Gorgeous and super clean!
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    Corsair Obsidian 500D released?

    Thank you for the pics! Ive been eyeing this case, but still torn between this and a SFF.
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    Awesome new case mod on YouTube...

    That is very sexy! Very unique and super creative!
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    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    Nice setup and awesome collection!
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    My bro's new P3 build

    Very clean build! Looks great btw!
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    Player unknown Battlegrounds

    I am still switching back and forth between the two games. I'm with you on living longer due to having a bigger map lol
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    Recommend some Good Story Driven Single Player FPS games?

    Thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely check out this game!
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    Far Cry 5 Video Card Performance Review @ [H]

    Nice writeup and thank you for the review!
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    What game would get you to buy a console?

    Super Smash Bros Melee (Gamecube). This is my all time favorite fighting game that I still play today. I bought a Nintendo Switch recently in hopes that the new Smash Bros would be just as good as Melee.
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    Is it bad to recharge a new phone's battery without battery being completely consumed?

    I've owned several iphones in the past and have never discharged them fully before recharging them. I usually charged them whenever I needed to (mostly above 40%). The battery seems to hold the charge fine until it gets closer to the 2 year mark. This is when I would replace the battery or...