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    replacing a dying Radeon HD 4850... equivalent performance?

    Get a Geforce GTS 450. Performs better and it fits your budget.
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    List all the GPUs you've ever owned

    9800 GTS GTX 260 SLI SAPPHIRE ATI HD RADEON 5970 ZOTAC GTX 560 ZOTAC GTX 650 MSI GTX 650 Ti Powercolor R9 270
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    AMD FX-4130 (OEM) and Asrock 990FX Extreme3 motherboard

    How tricky is it to OC with the Asrock board? I haven't heard good things about OC attempts but that board looks nice.
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    Clevo P170EM i7 Gaming Laptop

    Man, I need a new gaming laptop but I still have collect funds for it. Still, Bump for the awesome laptop.
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    card killer

    No matter what my budget is, I always try to spend good money on my PSU. I've had a whole system become useless because of one bad PSU. My recommendation is save some money and buy a nice semi-modular one.
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    Are video cards the component most prone to failure?

    I never had GPUs die but I've had a faulty ones before, had to undervolt it. I've had fans, PSUs and mobos and RAM die on me.
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    Upgrading from a laptop with a GT 540m to a 740m worth it?

    Nvidia's naming sequence can sometimes throw people off but I'm glad it worked in the end for you. More than a 50% increase in performance. That should keep her happy for a while.
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    Two video cards & two monitors

    In the nvidia control panel you can set it so the 480 is a dedicated PHYSX card. You can also tamper with the monitor settings there too.
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    Have r9 280x.... Debating going r9 290 or gtx 970:

    Getting another r9 280x would be cheaper but I've heard bad things about temps. Sell your 280x and buy a gtx 970.
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    Asus GTX 970 Strix

    That's a nice rig dude. Congrats. Just got a 770 for cheap. Will hopefully upgrade when Nvidia releases a new line of gpus.
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    Upgrading video card soon

    Get a used 290x for 300. Edit: Nvm, just realized that gtx 970 runs as well as a 290x. In that case, I agree with everyone and say you should get a new gtx 970 or buy another 270x for CF if you're on a budget.
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    Upgrading to nVidia's new graphics?

    Went from a gtx 690 to gtx 980 sli. No regrets.
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    Should I sell my 290's and upgrade to 970's or toss water blocks on the 290's?

    Make the upgrade man, you won't regret it.
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    [Tweaktown] R9 290/x price cuts begin

    My January build just got a whole lot cheaper.
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    64-Bit Firefox Poised to Launch in the Near Future

    Current fav browser is Chrome but I might give Firefox another try.