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    Lapping Processor Die?

    . . . :whistle: an excellent point! Evel Knievel never succesfully jumped the Snake River Canyon but he did successfully break every bone in his body except for the tiny trio in the inner ear ;)
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    Can I replace the hard drive in a Acer Spin 1 SP111-31N-C4UG?

    Sounds like taking advice from Acer would be worth more than from Crucial, they want to sell SSDs but Acer made (or at least designed) the thing...
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    New HP Probook LCD replacement not powering on

    Is it possible the graphics on your particular version of ProBook does not support FHD output? might be worth asking them...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Now THAT Is What I'm Talking About ;)
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    Anyone have thoughts on the new ebay/paypal 180 day policy?

    Been a couple years back, but I sold an Intel Quad-Core CPU on eBay, a week later USPS Delivery Confirmation showed it delivered to buyer's address no prob . . . Over four MONTHS later he files a PayPal dispute that he didn't receive the processor Naturally, PayPal gave him his money back :(
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    Free Full-Version Mind Medley Game Download

    thanks op ;)
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    Recertified DD-WRT Router NETGEAR WNR834B-100NAR B/G/N $23 AC FS!

    Nice deal, thanks for the tip OP ;) in for one --------> that's FR33D0M Baby !!! :D
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    Newegg Shellshocker: Q6600 for $170 w/ FS

    I gotta go with my man, [H]ere. My Q6600 hit 4.0GHz (with a lil bit o experimentation :p) and using a T.R.U.E-120 Extreme (single fan Pulling) idle is at 31degC, load about 55-58degC Never had any probs gaming either, running 2x 2900XT's CF and then 2x 3870's And unlike the Core i7...
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    D-Link DIR-655 FS $86.64

    I can testify that DLink's Wireless N routers are quality merchandise. I have one of the DLink Wireless N routers, works great. But since my ex moved out I really don't use it hardly at all anymore unless a friend with a laptop comes over. It is still under warranty. If anyone is...
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    FoxConn BlackOps - pls help with cooling

    Don't be worried,my friend, I haven't had any troubles at all on that rig lately. I had forgotten it was a whole-system heatpipe cooling setup when I ordered the Thermalright chipset cooler, so I held off on dismantling that whole deal. My final solution was using a CoolIT Domino A.L.C...
  11. A Clearance

    I gotta back your play [H]ere Bo: I've dealt with dozens of times in the past several years, always better deals than most big sites, always cheap s/h, and I have never ONCE had a problem with them, their service, or any products. I honestly can't say that about any other etailer...
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    SCORCHING: Phenom II X4 920, XFX GTX 260 216, FarCry2, COD W@W $269-$15 rebate = $254

    DOH! Freedom isn't freedom if there are restrictions (like you have to pay tax if you want to BUY things) Here's what I got when I added this code in to the mix: Edit: Combo no longer available *argh*
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    eVGA GTX 260 Core 216 ...$130 SHIPPED! ($20 MIR)

    And Bless your little 1700+'s heart for running flat-out at 1.666 :p And, follow the math . . . . Now, it well may be my algebraic sense has wandered in this summer heat stroke, I mean "wave," but if it's true that .25 is the value of the coupon in percent, then that is 25/100 = 1/4th...
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    MPAA Says Making “One Copy” of a DVD is Illegal

    ibid. *looks at 30+TB ripped dVd collection* :p
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    HOT!!... for Retail employees i7 920 + Vista 64 Ultimate + W7 Voucher for $129.

    I'd guess doing so would definitely be illegal :(