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    Rockstar Games Announces Grand Theft Auto IV for the PC.

    Looks like Steam Achievements were added to the game. Hallelujah!
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    Welp, back to waiting. This is the studio's first game so I understand them wanting to get it right. It's good to know that THQ is being accommodating in giving them the time they need. Let's hope there is nothing bad happening in the background that they're not telling us about.
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    Outriders (Bulletstorm developer)

    Watched that on mute because I can't stand Joe Vargas. The Division + Gears of War. So inspiring. I'll hold comments on the way it looks because Destiny looked like crap in its alpha and beta, too, but the color palette doesn't look promising.
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    FF VII: Remake. New news/teaser trailer

    More info from Squeenix, showing off some of the characters and their battle abilities. The second link shows some of the summoning materia.
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    Outriders (Bulletstorm developer)

    Squeenix posted a little more info. Actually sounds more like the original release of Defiance, which actually wasn't bad. The premise also sounds kind of similar?
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    What is wrong with my curved videocard?

    A backplate is not a guarantee of no sag. I had a GTX 970 that had a full metal backplate and it still sagged over time. Not as bad as this, but still. On the flip side I've had video cards with heavy coolers and no backplate not sag at all. The primary issue with this video card is the...
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    I believe JPR does give more granular data, you just have to pay for it. 727k players of CS:GO on a platform that at last check has 125 million active users and over 30k games. So 0.58% of the user base playing 0.003% of the available games.
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    Gran Turismo dev wants games to run at 120-240fps

    What was disappointing about GT4? It was a vastly superior game to GT3.
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    Elder scrolls Oblivion

    Pretty sure you're SOL and have to buy the Deluxe version. I don't think there is any way to purchase the smaller side content separately on PC anymore. You could find a cheaper physical copy and get the .ESM/.ESP and content archive files off the disc.
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    Forza Motorsport 7 thread

    I agree about the transmission modeling. I'd take a more tightly curated and smaller list of cars if every one of them were accurately modeled with their real life options. Enthusia Professional Racing had accurate transmission modeling. 15 years ago. On the PlayStation 2.
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    Rockstar Games Announces Grand Theft Auto IV for the PC.

    Grand Theft Auto IV is returning to Steam soon with a "Complete Edition" that removes Games for Windows Live. Rockstar are not implementing Steamworks in the game, meaning multiplayer, leaderboards and achievements will not be coming back. Some radio stations will be temporarily unavailable as...
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    Gran Turismo dev wants games to run at 120-240fps

    Benchmark tracks are places like Nardo and Weissach. Laguna Seca is a writer for magazine articles.
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    Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer #2 shows off character redesign

    Sonic has attained the best 3-day opening for a movie based on a video game property, overtaking Detective Pikachu by about $4m in the domestic market. Sonic made an estimated $58m domestically over its 3-day opening weekend, taking home $113m globally for the time period encompassing the 4-day...
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    Gran Turismo dev wants games to run at 120-240fps

    SBK is the only international series I know that still races there. What is ironic is that the current layout that the track is famous for was made to fit FIA requirements. This is the original layout:
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    Gran Turismo dev wants games to run at 120-240fps

    Pity because Gran Turismo 6 was fantastic. Gran Turismo 4 is still one of my favorite car games ever alongside Forza Motorsport 4. GT6 would supersede GT4 for me if it had deployed a similar career structure. Licensing issues plus it's a Japanese game. How many Americans are clamoring for...