it's time to update.
Most of my free time is getting used up now over the years apart from having to do small repairs in house or getting the spiders out also going shopping with family and listen to your children moaning about other children at school or help them with homework, yes it all fun but been a parent well it's not!, but I don't think I would have it in any other way now. And what time I do get will be at weekends would be first to sleep if I can! then maybe play a game for one - two hours again if I can, I am not into playing online with others just too many brat children now days that have ruin the PC game play of this age. :eek:

I love my photography work in my life apart from my wife and my children, I like meeting up with my friends with the same interests as me yes we talk art and women art and most things in life and share our info on images, some day I would like to take images of models but for now I take images of landscapes and birds, and If I get the camera anyway near the wife I will see stars. :rolleyes:

I sometimes think the only reason why my wife buy be a 42" monitor is to see what I am doing on it, :LOL:

I have to say Women always knows, always what they choose to do about it is another thing. ;)

There is not such thing is perfect in life it's only what you choose do that matters in life.

Have a nice day :)


To much work near retired age


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