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    Why hello There ...

    Got me finally
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    Why hello There ...

    better check that again going full steam ahead to hold u off as long as i can
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    Why hello There ...

    just saw this post lol... about time slacker t-minus 14.5 hours till you mow me
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    Crosshairs ..... Hello

    you can bring it, defeat comes and goes
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    Crosshairs ..... Hello

    when in the hell did i pass you? lol guess i should pay more attention
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    wtb vid card

    yea either the svideo or the composite is good, shoot me the details in a pm on what payment type you want
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    wtb vid card

    yea that thing that plugs in the back of the card
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    wtb vid card

    do you have the part that takes the port for output to rca kendrrak?
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    wtb vid card

    looking for either a 260 gtx and up that have a s video out option, needed for a new daily driver in the works
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    Nitro's FS Thread

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    Mow List: hadrien 4 Weeks MrValentine 2.5 Weeks wyluliraven 1.7 Weeks MikeMcHugh 1 Week Xilikon 5.7 Day Threat List: Extide 3.6 Weeks Carbon_Rod 4.1 Weeks mjannusch 1.1 Months penn7 2.8 Months wings2004 4.1 Months
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    The Great [H]orde Fold-A-Thon Registration

    maybe i will win something finally?
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    New Devalued GPU WUs in the wild..:(

    yea been getting unstable on my 450 all day since yesterday 3 pm 10k less points zzzzzz
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    Summer is comming: Cooling your setup!

    Going to shut down the gpu's and go pure cpu folding during the summer