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    Dedicated sound card or onboard sound

    I love how it takes him 13 minutes to give you essentially three pieces of information (plus an alternate here and there)... The setup I use the most is my phone out to my headphones. Second-most-used system is a mini-tablet out to a first gen B&W Zeppelin that I picked up at an auction for 75...
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    Debian 11 "bullseye" released

    Debian is pickier about initial install until you choose the non-free tree. I had some quirks to work through getting Steam and Proton to work smoothly on Debian 10 than I would have if I just used Ubuntu… Once I get my desktop re-situated I might try Debian 11.
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    How to edit DNSAPI.dll in Windows 10 to remove hard-coded telemetry domains?

    Darwin is (or was) the open-source bits (using the term loosely) of OS X.
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    How to edit DNSAPI.dll in Windows 10 to remove hard-coded telemetry domains?

    Pedant: OS X is a fork of mostly BSD. I was working with Jordan Hubbard on a project related to BSD when he was hired by Apple.
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    Why Microsoft Why?

    As suggested, disconnect all drives except the one you want to install the OS on. I do this for any OS (Linux, BSD, Windows, etc.). That way you’re absolutely sure. (Yes, I know there are situations where disconnecting drives is not convenient or even possible in some instances…)
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    Windows 10, New Features, DO NOT WANT

    Canonical at one point did telemetry which is why it was on my list to avoid for quite some time.
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    Windows 10, New Features, DO NOT WANT

    Not to drag this too far off-topic…
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    Windows 10, New Features, DO NOT WANT

    I hadn’t realized that my laptop updated and thus was concerned when I saw a warning about 109 temperature, thinking the warning was about the laptop temperature. Turns out it was the new weather app notification (gotta love Arizona ’spring-time’ temperatures)…
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    How much memory are you guys running?

    16 GB in my daily driver.
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    Windows 10 Calculator broken, crashes right as is opens.

    I use the calculator on my phone. Is there a particular reason that your calculation has to be done on the desktop?
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    Good compact 2.0 setup (PC, music/some movies, occasional gaming)

    It’s been a while since I‘ve looked at desktop speakers for my own use but I was very intrigued by this speaker and considered buying it. I really enjoyed the writeup on it here:
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    benefit to running Windows pre-releases?

    Before I switched to another OS, I was using the Insider Edition as my daily driver. Other than a boot issue where a critical file got corrupted I had no real issues with it (a few minutes of sleuthing and booting into safe mode took care of the problem).
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    Time for me to dump Mint, thinking about going back to Windows

    While I didn't think so at the time, I'm willing to concede that my Steam issues with Manjaro were PICNIC errors and not Steam + Manjaro errors, which is why I'm willing to give Manjaro a second chance once I get my system set up again. My move to Debian was for a couple of reasons. I've...
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    Time for me to dump Mint, thinking about going back to Windows

    I installed Manjaro briefly; while it seemed like a nice Linux distro it wasn't working correctly with Steam, which was a prerequisite for me using it (likely all user error). I ended up installing Debian 10 and, until one of my cats decided the 43" TV would work better on the floor than my...
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    PC speakers w/scratching sound replaced – same issue

    You state that the noise comes from the right speaker. Reverse your channels to see if you now hear it from the left. If so, you’ve isolated the problem to somewhere upstream. Continue until you get to your source. In my case, upstream was an amp, a preamp, and source. Changing out preamp...