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    TAGAN BZ modular cables

    I found it here:
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    Novice needs help

    To reduce the noise, the only way is to increase the surface are of heat dissipation, hence add more radiator... The idea of liquid cooling, is to be able to take a dense heatsource, carry it over a distance and spread it out with a radiator. The pump speed is near negligible here, but rather...
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    3M Novec submerged computer

    I think heat pipe and vapor chamber are similar to this, without active cooling.
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    Help me explain to a friend about cooling vs total heat production.

    TDP is the amount of max power draw of that thing. Nobody mentioned about efficiency of CPU. Example, how much of that power turns into heat? This is similar concept, but totally different from performance per Watt. Let's talk about converting electrical energy into heat. Perhaps, IB is...
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    Why must the i5 be so expensive?

    I filled up the internal IHS with oil, and seal it up. With the fluid convection going on inside as the die heats up, I'm effectively increasing the thermal dissipation efficiency of the IHS. Try it.
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    OK, so I've come to the conclusion I'm doing it all wrong

    Please try a soundbar with digital inputs, or a soundbar with a subwoofer if you have foot space. I think the problems that you experienced with your setup, are caused by signal pollutions from the (i) Bose USB DAC (static noise coming from power power regulation), and (ii) poor signal...
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    installed heatsink with two different thermal compounds

    I just use butter on my 2600K... concern of overheating the CPU is not on the top of my list, but rather the VRs and caps surrounding the CPU.
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    Why can sleeve bearing fans NOT be used in horizontal orientation?

    Sleeve bearings use grease. All sleeve bearing fans have hard plastic button under the label. When a sleeve bearing jams after a few years, that's where I go and clean out the old grease and replace with fresh one. Sleeve bearing should not be mounted horizontally as the weight of the fan on...
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    3M Novec submerged computer

    yeah, one of the earlier post mentioned that we should use the condensation plate to cool the entire case. This idea might work, because as the bubble forms on the surface of the devices, it will condensate within the liquid, and the bubble should disappear before surfacing. BUT, condensation...
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    A question about PLL

    No worries. They are on different power planes. ICH and PCIE runs on separate VRs on mobo.
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    How does Asus survive with such terrible RMA service?

    I think there are good RMA stories with ASUS. I did one couple years ago, timely and got new board back. That was P45 time. p/s: Oh, The P35 board finally booted, after repeatedly loop POST for the past half an hour. It just need to retry to find the right clock, I think.
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    GPU power: why 2x 6-pins instead of 1x 8-pins

    There isn't really an answer to this question, is there?
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    TAGAN BZ modular cables

    I recently got a used TAGAN BZ 1300W PSU, but without the modular cables. I've exhausted at least the first 10 pages of google/bing searches, in vain. The next supplier is in Hong Kong, and they charge premium on each of those cables. It would cost ~$70 just for 6 of those cables: 2xSATA...
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    How to test a new psu without installing into system?

    If you want to do that, might as well plug the PSU to the board and power it up. :D
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    Novice needs help

    In the Thernal Radar main screen, you can click on the thermal sensor to show a map of sensors it is reading from. This way perhaps you can tell which part of the mobo is overheating. Quite likely the MOS are heating up, and the temp is being picked up by one of those sensors...