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    Toyota Has a Curious Justification for Not Selling Any EVs

    As for Toyota losing Prius drivers to Tesla, as a Prius owner who wants a Tesla, my biggest gripe with my Prius is just how awful Entune is. I never touched it once my free trial ran out . It blows my mind that in 2019 Priuses aren't compatible with CarPlay or Android auto. I didn't end up...
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    AT&T Raises Prices Again

    I recently subscribed to YouTube TV because the older members of my family weren't happy being cable-less. Quality is better than cable was, price is better, channel selection is better, and they can watch pretty much whatever they want when they want. There was a slight learning curve for my...
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    Whole Foods Cuts Workers' Hours after Amazon Introduces Minimum Wage

    You're technically incorrect. There are different types of corporations. I believe what you're referring to are C corporations. I run an S corporation, we have no publicly traded shares, and therefore no fiduciary responsibly to share holders. The wide world of business is MUCH more...
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    Steven Spielberg Is Gunning to Make Sure Netflix Never Has Another Oscars Contender

    TL:DR Spielberg is old and doesn't like change Oscars are almost completely irrelevant these days. The medium of distribution has zero relevance to quality. Arguing Netflix movies don't belong in Oscars is like saying that movies on DVD don't belong in Oscars. Is he arguing that only films...
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    Tesla Demonstrates Its New Security System Called Sentry Mode

    So much hate. Say what you will about Tesla, but that commercial was awesome!
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    The Division 2 Ditching Steam Is "A Long-Term Positive," Says Ubisoft

    Full disclosure, I have a free key for division 2 coming from AMD. I still doubt I'll ever play it, due to hating uplay.
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    The Division 2 Ditching Steam Is "A Long-Term Positive," Says Ubisoft

    I never really liked Ubisoft as a company to begin with. Once they required uplay, even on steam, I stopped buying their games, even when they were on deep sale. All these different launchers are a waste of time and resources. I'm not saying companies couldn't have their own launchers, just...
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    Senate, House Bills Aim to Kill $7,500 Electric Vehicle Tax Credit, Add New EV Tax

    I'm a huge proponent of alternative fuels, but the EV subsidy needs to die. It only benefits the wealthy, and hinders road maintenance. I'm all for creating an EV tax, anyone following EVs has known an EV tax would have to come eventually. I'm lucky to live in an area with cheap electricity...
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    BioWare's Head of Live Service Apologizes for Anthem's "Rocky" VIP Demo

    I'll give them credit where due. They did a great job of owning the mistakes and apologizing. Bethesda could do with more apologizing for fallout 76.
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    Palmer Luckey Details His Vision of Reshaping National Security During Interview

    Maybe the military can actually get useful technology for once, instead of pie in the sky promises and pork. None of what Lucky is proposing sounds like new ideas. What would be new would be actual follow through with decent gear. Much of the techtec use in the military is years behind what...
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    Netflix Hit with Choose Your Own Adventure Lawsuit over Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

    Choose your own adventure is a set of directions, but I see how it could be trademarked. Trademark law is different than copyright law, so the company may have legal footing. It's the same as ComiCon™ vs. a comic convention, or comic Con. Having the ComiCon ™ is stupid, but legally valid...
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    Bungie Inks Deal to Leave Activision While Maintaining Control of Destiny

    Might not all be good news. Did everyone miss the part about NetEase investing $100M in Bunngie? No one investments that much money without wanting something in return, and considering NetEase's track record, I'm cautious of the announcement at best. Further, considering how in bed NetEase is...
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    Radeon 7 Goes on Sale February 7

    I'm not really disappointed or excited. People seem really negative today without a lot of justification. I'll wait for benchmarks and mature drivers before deciding. Heck, I kind of have to. Building a Zen 2 threadripper rig as soon as it comes out, my ancient 3570k workstation is in need...
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    Radeon 7 Goes on Sale February 7

    I got the same bundle with my 590. The bundle REQUIRES you to have the card installed and actually checks your system for the card; I tried to claim the games in mymgtx 980ti rig and got an error message stating the 590 wasn't detected in my system, so I put the 590 in my gaming rig to collect...