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    New Build Boot Problem - Turns Off and On Every 3ish Seconds

    run memtest and see if you get any errors
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    Can I convert this old rig to an HTPC?

    All the video decoding should be handled by the GPU as long as it can be hardware accelerated through a program like PowerDVD or something along those lines. If your using a program that doesn't allow for hardware acceleration to play your files then that is where you will see the CPU strain.
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    Piecing Together HTPC, looking for advice

    Will be also purchasing a Seagate 500GB Sata HDD and I am hooking my HTPC up to my TV with DVI -> HDMI.
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    Piecing Together HTPC, looking for advice

    I have a couple old parts laying around and since I recently purchased my first HDTV I'm looking to dive into an HTPC to play all my Blu-Ray movies and regular DVDs as well as music and pictures and everything that goes along with an HTPC. I will eventually be getting a tuner card as well to...
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    New to HTPC, looking to convert old computer to HTPC!

    So just a basic tuner card, like the PVR-150 will work just fine for recording standard television shows?
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    New to HTPC, looking to convert old computer to HTPC!

    So the only thing I am lacking is the tuner card, the software and a bigger hard drive? EDIT: Seems like the HD-PVR is a little on the expensive side at $250 for the box. What is the next best solution or am I stuck not being able to record HD channels onto my HTPC hard drive?
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    New to HTPC, looking to convert old computer to HTPC!

    Hey all, I've had an old computer laying around for about a year now and have no really big use for it so I decided that I would jump into HTPC's and convert my old computer into one. I'm not exactly sure what other components that I will need so I'm here for inputs on everything I will...
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    Thermal paste?

    +1 for AS5 on any HSF
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    Project: Evolutionary

    keep up the good work :D
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    Age of Conan

    looks like this game has alot of potential, ive been playing WoW for awhile and im looking to try something new out, hopefully i can get my cousins guest pass later and give it a go!!
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    The Coolermaster Gallery

    sweet looking chrome
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    LiLi Reborn - Steath

    excellent work :D
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    Project: Das Cubenstein

    nice work, looks smooth!
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    [PROJECT] "The"

    looking good so far :D