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    Just installed my first cooler. Now what?

    Sweet, thanks. Lynnfield :cool: That was my first desktop
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    Just installed my first cooler. Now what?

    Hi everyone, I've been meaning to get an aftermarket cooler and try out overclocking for some time now, and yesterday I finally did it. I taped most of it and took a bunch of pictures as well, here's the link to the post about it...
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    Ant Simulator Canceled, Devs Spent Kickstarter Money On Booze and Strippers

    Despicable, those types of people ruin it for the honest people trying to get some wind under their wings.
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    390X or 980 for the long run?

    Even though I was partial to AMD, I'd say either is a good choice right now. Just keep an eye out for sales or wait till Black Friday and make your buy.
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    Fallout 4

    Then I have some solace since I ended up not buying it right away :) Though my compulsive saving habits would probably mitigate the crashing problem.
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    Can I reuse my Windows 10 key with new motherboard, RAM, CPU?

    You might even be able to go and manually edit the fields where Windows looks to check hardware. I know you can change the name in the registry, but I'm not sure if Windows looks deeper than that.
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    How many old farts here stil play pc games?

    I'm not quite up to everyone's level here, but I have a feeling I probably will be in some years :D
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    Facebook Messenger Adds Fast Photo Sharing Using Face Recognition

    Just wait until they tap into facial expression recognition...
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    Gabe Newell: Valve's Steam Machines Outperform Consoles At Same Price Point

    I'm sure SteamOS will progress more rapidly, at the very least. I'll reserve judgment for now, I suppose.
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    Best Linux distro.. "best"..

    Yeah I can see the style being off putting to some, but functionality comes first. Compatibility is nice, but seamless integration is better. Nobody wants to start a presentation, only to notice halfway through some text box trails off the screen, or some link stopped working.
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    Talk me out of building a budget AMD gaming rig?

    Yeah, plus if you're doing light gaming you could even rock a G3250. The only scenarios I would justify an AMD processor are: big sale/combo or video editing + BF4 gaming. Sadly, Intel's pricing and specs leave only a small window for a rational customer to choose the competition.
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    Sennheiser’s $55,000 Headphones Sound Like Heaven On Earth

    Exactly, there is an emergent property when all these select pieces are painstakingly assembled, imbued, and christened -- allowing for angels and saints themselves to sing directly into your ear canal.
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    High cpu temp on stock cooling 4790k

    Same exact issue, similar name. Probably, I guess one message board of PC geeks isn't enough to tell you that your thermal paste is probably the cause.
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    Gamergate Movie In Development, May Star Scarlett Johansson

    I didn't either until I saw the reference a couple times too many... So I went and looked. I wish I hadn't.
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    Fallout 4

    The PC version most likely has controller support.