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    Graphic Shows The Size Of Rosetta's Comet

    that is assuming i have selected the 310m US bank tower
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    Graphic Shows The Size Of Rosetta's Comet actually more like 4.47km wide and 3.15km HEIGHT
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    Mental Modems May Be In Our Future

    now the rich can finally participate in wars... like its a game
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    Bungie: Early Destiny Reviews Might Not Tell The Whole Story

    borderlands in space with a halo feel, would this be correct in this games description?
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    50 Minute Unreal Tournament Sequel Preview

    any good footage or just them wanking on for too long?
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    good for you young man, DNF is not all that bad, guns and shooting things feels fine i just think it fell on the mapping front, just not enough urban or interactive objects, and too much desert and industrial, actually a well balanced game on damn iam good when the railgun dosnt OHKO everything...
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    When does Multiplayer no longer become fun?

    when a game turns f2p or just are, just removes the fee you have to pay if you get banned for cheating
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    Battlefield Hardline Leaked Trailer

    is anyone the least bit concerned its promoting using militarized police on a civilian population like its an action movie
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    Emulation: The Best Feature Of NVIDIA's SHIELD?

    oh and i happily played through ff8 on it if you concerned about "power"
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    Emulation: The Best Feature Of NVIDIA's SHIELD?

    becasuse you were too stupid to get an xperia play X many years ago? or did that huge clunky hack job SNES that still takes real carts not as practical and hip as you thought it would be?
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    Doom 4 you might be waiting a while...

    btw dont get a key from CJS CD Keys if you want wolfernstein, they say they have keys ready to go and its all good, but they dont actually have any keys and you will be waiting 12 hours for them.
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    Bombshell Reveal Trailer

    k how bout that
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    PC Gamer - Hacks! An investigation into the $1M business of video game cheating

    So whats the difference between charging for a game mod and cheat now? If people can charge for cheats than why not other 3rd party mods?
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    Dark Souls is on Steam

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    Titanfall's Anticheat Is Now Being Enforced

    seem to have some in depth insight into it, pro cheater ey? cheaters defend cheaters