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    Asus ROG Swift PG43UQ with 43.4″ VA Panel, 4K Resolution and 144Hz Using DSC

    I've noticed that it has gone out of stock/backordered just about everywhere over the weekend. Either this segment is just that damned starved, or they are re-evaluating their inconsistent panels.
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    AMD Can't Shake Off US Class-Action Lawsuit over Bulldozer "8-Core" Advertising

    Further expanding on that logic, ARM becomes a clusterfuck real quick. Yet everybody agrees we get whatever they say the core count is.
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    X399 MB ECC Confirmation/Clarification Thread

    Wow, that is far more voltage than any 2400MHz Micron needs for 2666. I don't know what to say for your RAM, or mine for that matter. This thread would be my suggestion for main inspiration since he was using a single rank version equivalent effectively of my D9TBH RAM, and he was also pairing...
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    X399 MB ECC Confirmation/Clarification Thread

    Don't know about those, but my VLP ct16g4xfd824a sticks hit the following @ 1.27V. I could go with more aggressive timings, but then that would be more voltage on a 24/7 system.
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    Tick Tock - #BeForeTheGame

    HDMI 2.0b in listed in the official GTX 2080ti page. 1 more generation of peddling Gsync for $1,200 cards.
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    ASUS, EVGA, PNY, Et Al. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Leaks

    The PNY leak showed HDMI 2.0b. This better be a sick joke.
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    New Ryzen Embedded Systems Coming

    These are going to be the greatest asset for cord cutters to date. A small embedded SOC that can run madVR at acceptable settings if they so wish to do so. Then there is the console emulation factor. Dolphin users are going to lose their shit.
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    Large Hadron Collider Upgrade “Could Upend Particle Physics”

    Nah, these upgrades are just to create quantum entanglement heatsinks to be mounted on Intel's new 28core CPU. Through quantum entanglement the heat load will transfer into their liquid helium cooling systems, so that the consumer can reasonably expect a guaranteed 4.5GHz overclock. Maybe even...
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    Yahoo Messenger Is Shutting Down on July 17

    Some words of encouragement from Discord:
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    AMD Ryzen 2nd Gen Threadripper 32 Cores Confirmed

    The important question to ask is if AMD is going to make an updated 28core i9 survival kit?
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    Google to Scrub US Military Deal Protested by Employees

    Proper identification to eliminate civilian casualties is just fucking immoral right? Less time spent trying to identify the target gives a larger time window to carry out the attack also. With early proper identification there would be the chance in some situations that they have the...
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    X399 MB ECC Confirmation/Clarification Thread

    For a good explanation on Multi-bit error correction see this article, plus this one for a ridiculous amount of depth. Basically it is the highest form of HW data correction available, and it is the most desirable function to run at no real cost to speeds at all. The level of accuracy it...
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    X399 MB ECC Confirmation/Clarification Thread

    Reporting in with my findings. I had been through hell getting my setup to even boot with the MSI x399 Pro Carbon since there was only one bios that would load any boot manager (7B09v14) and one BIOS (7B09v13) forced me to use the BIOS flashback function. Non of them worked with the SATA...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Trailer #2

    Their business model is to get people to buy it on consoles since they won't announce any plans to release a PC version, and hope the enhancement/modding prospects that come with a PC release gets a fair amount of users to double dip. R☆ isn't going to announce anything PC related for quite...