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    Post Your Workstations 2017

    Finished this end of 2016. Monitor on the right is hooked up to a work laptop above. Monitor on the left is the gaming Dell 144Hz. PC is the Thermaltake P3, 6700K @ 4.7Ghz, Evga FE 1080. Surround sound gaming is done by the Nakamichi soundbar in the back and sub underneath the desk. The 2...
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    Video Game Sales Lowest Since 2006

    Three more crappy releases: Metro 2033 was boring! Duke Nukem Forever was forever-suckass! Dungeon Siege 3 was a piece of dung! I hope Diablo 3 doesn't let me down.
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    FX is Back!

    I purchased the FX-53 so i can overclocked it to run like a 57; and I paid dearly. $750 !!! No - I will not spend that kinda cash anymore for a processor.
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    Iran to Create its Own Internet

    Wouldn't this be an "intranet"? .. but good - let them build their own "parallel internet", there's no pr0n to search in Iran anyway! They might run their internet on IPv7.
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    Mediabrowser Sucks

    There's a plug-in for MC/Mediabrowser called Media Control - works with ffdshow, and allows audio and subtitle streams selection.
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    Sapphire Edge Mini PC Review

    It's not even a D525. I tested a D525 w/ ION 2 on windows 7 x64 with WMC and MediaBrowser. It ran true 1080p movies good alright - but as soon as I turned on subtitle - it fell off the cliff; unacceptable studders! So I can say that with this D510 unit - it will be the same thing. XBMC on...
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    IT Salaries Remain Flat

    wow, some of you posters w/ the low income and jobs sure have kick ass PC's. I've been in the game for a little bit over 16 years. Not like what it used to be in the mid to late 90's; all I needed was a few words like: "yes - i know Lotus 123, yes I know what Windows 3.1 and 95 is...", and...