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    Biostar Racing X370-GTN ITX AM4

    I remembered AMD mentioned about X300 and A300 chipset for SFF, but it seems that they're not out yet Hopefully the ITX AM4 offering will have a wide range
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    CIRCLE ONE: Portable Mini-ITX professional workstation

    As far as i know, the EMI shielding is to protect other devices, like a wi-fi router nearby for example, from the EMI that occurs inside the case. Check the news for the poorly shielded Apple 5k display that has to be put at least 2 meters from a router because of poor EMI shielding of the...
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    Lenovo Thinkcentre m700 SFF pinout

    Which form factor does the motherboard come from? what chipset is the motherboard? Have you checked lenovo's website? I think front panel connector usually use a 9 pin like below image
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    We need a completely new open form factor (Actually, just a small change)

    They have that kind of motherboards but sadly only available in China, and usually in DTX form factor. Here's an example: ASRock > Z170M-PIO2
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    SENTRY: Console-sized gaming PC case project

    I installed my game to the 5400 rpm drive on my old PC, the game take some time to load, but I don't think it has much impact on the frame rate unless the game constantly loads things from the drive. Then again, the PC was a Core 2 Duo E7400 with HD4670 and I played on 1366x768 resolution with...
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    SENTRY: Console-sized gaming PC case project

    What's a five-syle case? Thanks for the info. Had a samsung 80GB desktop drive a few years back and they're quite reliable. Unfortunately, I just used my savings for something higher in my priority list and gave my old PC to my mother because she needs it for work. I'll buy something used...
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    SENTRY: Console-sized gaming PC case project

    NAS is too expensive (it starts at around $200 for a diskless single bay) and 1 TB SSD cost more than my monthly salary. Generally, computer parts are 30-100% more expensive than in the US, and with average monthly salary at around $250, computers are considered luxury item. Ah the joys of...
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    SENTRY: Console-sized gaming PC case project

    Hi, long time lurker here, Can I mount 2x3.5" HDD on the M3 mount position when using a 170mm GPU and SFX PSU? You have space for 4x 2.5" HDD which is almost the same thickness as 2x3.5" HDD, but I don't know if there is enough space lengthwise. The total width for the case is 340mm, while...
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    CCD MI-6: Performance in a 6.7L MIcrotower

    Thanks, Firewolfy. Unfortunately I have 2 3.5" HDD from my old build that I want to use For the riser, if you're not really targeting premium segment like Dan's I think you can go with LiHeat's or HDPlex About the USB, you can use 2 USB 3.0 slots or just remove it altogether, your case is...
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    CCD MI-6: Performance in a 6.7L MIcrotower

    Hi, new member here. On the first page you wrote the ability to mix and match up to 6 HDD/SSDs, are those 2.5" drives only, or can I fit 2x 3.5" HDD in the case (1 in the side panel above the motherboard, 1 in the front) ? Is the cost target (less than $150, and a stretch goal of under $100)...