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Do you still have the 3090 XC3 hybrid kit? I accidentally got a used FTW3 hybrid kit for my 3090 XC3 ultra and would be up for swapping
Hi. I'm interested in the hp laptop. I have no idea what I'm doing, my son showed me.


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My son inquired and said someone else is interested. I can't post so I don't know. He is going to buy it for me.
Hi. This is just a shot in the dark. I was a member here a long time ago and my account got locked when it was inactive. I have lurked since 2001 but posted rarely. Old username was roadtonowhere08. I saw you have a Thinkpad P53 for sale. I would love to take it off your hands if it is still available. I am not sure if you can PM me, but if you can, we can talk about it. Have a good one.
Looking for the following parts at a reasonable price for a broke college student.
- GPU (preferably something like 2070 to 2090 or 3060 to 3090 but am willing to look into other offers.)
- M.2 with at least half a terabyte or 1 terabyte of storage OR a Solid State Drive with a terabyte of storage.
- A decent power supply
- two 16 GB Ram sticks
hi, I'm looking for some old DDR3 for a school project and wonder if your 4GB sticks are still available. Could you pls DM me? thx a lot
I’ll look tomorrow. How much you need?
I'm looking for 6 sticks for an old Dell T3500. Really appreciate your help!
Hi, have you had a chance to check on the DDR3 sticks? thx again for your help!
This is Henry, stpeteshepherd on ebay. You may reach me at I have an older email address cited a couple of places on this forum, and I did not want to post my new gmail address in the chat, to confuse people who still reach me via juno.

Quick one as you seem to know winDas pretty well.
My fw900 geometry is a little weird in that the top right and left corners droop a little and the bottom right and left raise a little. I attached an illustration greatly exaggerating the issue.
Do you know if winDas has a setting to adjust for this sort of thing?
Thanks !
Hey 3dfan, as my name suggest I own a scratched FW900. I wanted to ask for some of your direct thoughts on the car tint and how its been in the long term.
Namely curious about the films glare reduction, how good is it? Glare isn't a big concern for me as there is controlled lighting in my set up. That's just my one main question really, but I'd love to hear any thoughts you have like how tolerable the bubbles are etc
happy with car polarizer, still good condition, small bubbles easy ignorable, mainly installed it to preserve blacks. for glare i havent payed attention and dont remember about glare when the original AG coating was on it, its image quality overall is very good, brightfull enough, can perseive blacks much better than withuout any film on it screen, which was too grayish blacks were only persiebale in dark room
Sent you a message on heatware.
its pending locally tomorrow. If the guy no shows ill let ya know and its yours
U still want the 3090ti? Lmk. I can get it shipped today. You cans send the $850 friends and family and then she the half of shipping when I ship.
U really need to start posting, lol.
Yeah I still want it. Let me know the email to send on Paypal. If you dont wan't to post it on here you can reply on Heatware. I know I need to start posting on here. New years resolution :p
Hey I'm interested in you gigabyte aorus master 6800 xt, but can't PM. Can you email me at regular40us (at) gmail (dot) com? Thanks!
Hello! Was wondering if you still have the Aperture Science PC, and if you are interested in selling it?
I was wondering if you could help with a Klipsch Promedia 5.1 Ultra. It works for a few hours, then audio drops out and a high pitched noise comes from the speakers. If I unplug it for a while it goes back to normal. I've read overheating is common, so I'd like to buy one of your cooling kits. If this sounds familiar and you can give me insight on other parts that may be bad, any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
Hey, I see you undervolting expert :) I have Ryzen 5900X on MSI motherboard. I want undervolt my CPU for better temps, but don't lose any performance. Can you help me? :)
You need to touch Curve Optimizer, as that is what actually "under-volts" your CPU. The PPT, TDC & EDC are power settings outside of voltage control.
Hello. i have updated my cooling with Corsair h100i elite lcd 240mm (2 fans). I set curve optimiser -25 all cores, PPT 120, TDC 80, EDC 120. Cinebench R23 multicore 20489 (stock settings with PBO off 20759), temp 65, single core 1625 (stock settings with PBO off 1614) temp 65. I think it's good for lower power settings and i get like stock cinebench values. What du you think?
If you're going for lower power, not bad. If you want a little better scores, EDC of 140A would be fine. I believe you also want TDC above EDC or you're really thermal limiting the chip needlessly. A better way to do it would be set the max temp in the bios from 90C to say 85C or 80C. That way you still get good boosting when needed.
Hello ThreeDee! Hope youve been well. I came across your post around using the H80 cooler for AM4 then signed up with the forum. I dug into my old boxes and found the two piece square bracket that only had two exterior screw mounts. Is that what you used? Did it fit with no other modifications? I believe you just had to install the two plastic brackets that comes with AM4 motherboards? Thanks for your time!
yes, the AM4 brackets that should have come with your cooler .. and they just screw into the back plate that came with your motherboard ... I think. It's been awhile since I've ran that AIO. Running a Noctua NH-D15 now with 2 x 140mm fans
Hi, I want to buy your 5600g cpu, mb, memory, and hd combo. lmk.
Makes sense. I recommend creating heatware account quick. So you can get positive feedback on purchases and sales. also you can private message me there as well. Let me know. Kinda makes sense not to share anything personal here for you or me.
maybe I'm too new, I can't find a private message feature
Did you create heatware account? Here is my profile link. Go to and create if you haven’t and you should be able to private message. Here on hardocp you can’t apparently until you have certain post count etc.

I'm contacting in regards to my original account "Ski" being banned because it was hacked. As you can I've been a member for over 10 years and been an active member throughout that time period.

If there's a way to unban it, what are the steps moving forward and I'll be more than happy to help.

We also having multiple issues with ours and wonder if you can help me it would be a lifesaver.
We have a 1x8 G2 AUTOLDR - MXA806Z039 on FW 5.0 and Drive Firmware M571
Drive is a HP Ultrium 8-SCSI Serial CZ28490M1F
MSL_1x8_G2_5.90.frm - Looks like the latest?
MSL_1x8_G2_3.80.frm - Might need this also?
I'm assuming the HP Ultrium 8- SCSI is the LTO_30750 firmware?
Thank you so much for any help you can give.

I'm interested in the 7500t you have up. New here. What is the best way to contact? I didn't see it on your Ebay store.
Guess I’m not the only guy here at [H] that has replacement hips and lives in Norfolk