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Money isnt the issue. Im worried about all the issues the monitor seems to have? I have a 2070...and ill get a 3080 soon. So u htink its worth it?
Yeah, I got my 5900x order in at 9:11 pacific time; so I am hoping to be part of the first shipment, but we will see! Still no word from them.
Sorry to bug. Do you have a direct link for Walmart and the 5950x?
Hey. Not a bug! I haven't traced down a direct link yet.
Yeah no luck for me either so far :)
Did you get that BOT info by any chance?
I am still trying to find one 5950x :)
Hey, i also order the cpu from b&h but its on backorder and just got an email that it was going to be delayed until jan-mar. Have you had any luck contacting them or knowing something?
It just says backordered for me. I have no idea what date I would get a Ryzen 5000 CPU. All I have heard is that B&H did not even have stock available on launch day. They should be getting their first shipment of 5000 series on Nov 15th but it all depends on when you got into the 'queue' for preorders.
Hey bro, do you have any luck with your office depot order for that strix 3080?
Well shit.. I got an email from them today saying they canceled my order.. lol and that was me who ordered that card on the 12th... I called the exchange.. they said the charge was only pending and didn't get put on my military star card until the order was shipped so it should just drop off they said in the next couple of days.... Sigh.. back to the waiting game again.. lol
Hey bro, i checked exchange for my 21 Oct order, which finally submitted today because vendor system was down for weeks. Exchange says my ETA is 20 NOV, and office depot couldnt even verify that, so i wonder how exchange give out dates, says it was updated on vendor system. However, i followed up with office depot said they will get back to me 24/48hours.
Did you ever end up getting your card??
Hello Mr. LAGrunauer,

I'm in socal (saw your post stating the same!) and have perused most of this thread from the beginning.

I got my (2) HP A7217A's some 20 years ago and have used them ever since (never have I ran a flattie as my main unit!)

I was wondering if you do service these?

(And don't think for a second I didn't want to buy a 3rd of which you were selling!)
good afternoon
I need to download the firmaware:

Drive: HPE Ultrium 15000 LTO-7 serial: 9C164658D5
Firmware: LTO_15000_SAS_M571_MSL_S.frm (7.1 MB)

Tape Library HPE StoreEver 1/8 G2 Tape Autoloader : (Robo) Serial: MXA709Z0PD
Firmware: MSL_1x8_G2_5.30.frm (1.7 MB)

Do you have how to send me these firmaware?
thank you very much...
I bought a Pixel 3 XL and it works perfect! Great seller and awesome price, would definitely buy from again!
Hello Friend! please, if possible, the friend can inform me the reference of the transistor (Q6), on the GTX690, because mine burns in such a way that I cannot identify anything written on it. thanks for your attention.
I have a spare cpayne card for dale if you’re interested. Is the same one he linked you too. Lmk if you’re interested.
Well, it's been one hell of a year so far.
That said I'm thankful for a healthy family, job, and no commuting.
Hello, good morning CrimsonKnight13, I really need your help, I need to install the official factory rom XNeo (T1009) -EN-20200709 on my Alldocube x neo tablet, but I can't do it, please if you can give me tips, how to install it, remembering that I switched to lineage os, but now I'm not getting back to the factory version, please help me if you can
How's it going chief it's Xavier or Betterasksomebody429 on ebay. Looks like I found you.

I couldn't figure out how to privately message you on Hardforum so I thought I'd write to you here.
Great! My phone # is 626-221-7800... Call me when you can....

Take care and keep safe!

Demon Boy Jr
Demon Boy Jr
How's it going Vito. I was wondering whether you had decided if Monday was a good time to meet up. Although I noticed you ended the listing on ebay. Is the monitor no longer available?

Feel free to call/text me at 805-358-2018

or send me at email

Im heading into work now, but I have tomorrow and Monday off if you wanted to speak on the phone then.
Hey, I’ve got an R9 280X DD going in for its first RMA... I’ve been concerned about what I’m going to get back. I saw someone else on here say it was a 5 series, any thoughts?
Hey dude, how are you?
Were you able to repair your RX 460?

I have one and it's defective like yours, i have no voltage in the memory and GPU phases