Zilog Z8000 Architect Passes Away

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    Mar 3, 2018
    Dr. Bernard Peuto, the mind behind Zilog's Z8000 and Z8 processors, passed away this month, and the Electronic Engineering Journal just posted a writeup on his history with Zilog. Just before the wild success Zilog Z80, the company hired Dr. Pueto as their twelfth employee in early 1976. With mainframe experience under his belt, the report says he quickly went to work on Zilog's 16 bit designs, but the company faced stiff competition from Motorola and Intel. Far more than a simple obituary, the article is a dive into the history of Zilog and their contemporary competitors, and is definitely worth a read. Thanks to cageymaru for the tip.

    Despite all of these acquisitions, Littlefuse/Zilog still sells versions of Dr. Peuto's Z8000 and Z8 processors. The Z8 microcontroller was reborn in the early 2000s as the enhanced Z8 Encore! and the Z8 Encore! XP Flash-based microcontroller families. Meanwhile, the 40-pin and 48-pin versions of the Z8000 microprocessor are still available as the Z16C02 and Z16C01, although perhaps not for too much longer, as you really need to dig deep into the Littlefuse/IXYS/Zilog site to find these parts. (Actually, I let Google dig into it.) Part of Dr. Peuto's significant technical legacy is deeply rooted in the Z8000 and Z8 processor architectures. Another part is tied to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California where Dr. Peuto served as a trustee for 17 years. He was also a member of the museum's executive and finance committees. As a result of that work, he was named a Trustee Emeritus in 2017. That's not a bad legacy to leave, my friends.
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    My family's first computer was a Heathkit H88; my dad took over the ping pong table in the basement to solder it together. It used the Z80. And we never got the ping pong table back, from then on it was used as a very large storage table. My dad still has that computer, but it hasn't worked in decades. I've suggested he should either get it running again or donate it here: https://heathkit.garlanger.com/donations
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    Some of those heathkit systems can fetch a pretty penny on ebay. More if it's working.
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    Sad to see the pioneers go.

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    My first PC was a TSR 80 Color computer (4k of memory). Within a year I upgraded to the Atari 400 (6502) then 800xl, and finally an Atari 1040 ST.
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    RIP to one of the pioneers.

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    He had the honor of laying some of the first bricks in the road of technology that we all walk on today.

    Rest In Peace
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