Zen and the Art of Motherboard Maintenance


May 23, 2005
okay, please forgive me for maybe not posting this is the right area of the forums, but I can't seem to find an area that would be appropriate, except for motherboards. this is really just a general question. WHY are all my friends who use computers, and know a lot about them, and have used them for many years so , how shall I say, uninspired by them ? they just don't get into them the way folks on [H}ardOCP do. the way I do. when they do build them they are basically clueless about cooling, they have no aspirations to tweak them in any meaningful way, and almost never mod them to suit their needs. One friend just wants to buy a Dell, man I almost puked right there on his shoes. So uncool. So why are their no cool people in my town ? btw I live in a college town, I guess there are a few enthusiasts here, but NO, not MY friends. Sheesh.

anyway, the title refers to my future web site on motherboards, past, present, and future. I have at least ten PC's, stacks of motherboards, and usually am building something new from whatever comes my way.

any thoughts ? anyone one else feel alone in their neck of the woods, only to come online and find thousands of folks like you and I ? where do they all hide ? :confused:

thanks, John :)