Zen 3 Launch Availability

When will it be possible to buy a Zen 3 cpu without using a bot or paying Scalper rates?

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Still only getting old parts searching "ryzen 5800X" on Amazon.
See my post with the direct link. Nevermind, OOS now.

Tried to checkout with a 5800x but they went out of stock. I bought a 5600x instead. Good enough.
AMD site =

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable​

After getting a 5900X in my cart and checking out...
I got a 5600x for now I guess. I did the same thing last time around and just waited for better availability.

Edit: Almost had a 5900x in my cart at AMD. Never saw it anywhere else.
I'm going to say that was a nice sized drop and the bots were still real.
anyone who got one at newegg or amazon want to share how they find these product pages before they go live?
I had 5950x combo in cart, checkout, last page to submit order and just refreshes cart when I click submit, did that 10 times.. removed.. went back to same product, readded.. same thing.. removed, added different combo, same thing.. then everything went oos.
In my cart at AMD trying to pay for it, but won't let me...grrrr..
I was on Newegg the moment it 5950x was there but could not get through checkout. :(
You know what, ill just be happy with the 5600x and $150-250 I have in my pocket. OC it a bit and it will be more than enough for gaming for a while.
Got all the way to after review place order on AMD website and clicked and they 503 error. Refreshed and now its oos. AMD wasnt any better than anyone else.
I hit confirm on my payment at 6:01 and it froze and kicked me back to an empty cart.

Wasn't even coming up for me on Amazon.
Hmm, BH order is now showing as back ordered, looking like I'll be waiting for a CPU for a bit...their page is now showing as notify only.
Got a 5800x from Newegg. 5900x went OOS instantly.

I got a 5900x in cart at AMD but couldn't get through checkout.
5800x sold out on newegg while it was in my cart. Can anyone suggest another cpu for gaming because I need to build a machine and can't wait any longer than I already have?
This is way better than the 3000 series launch. I feel like I actually have a fighting chance. Plus, I got a 5600x.
Same, I got a 5800 from Newegg, the bots were out but still it stayed up longer than any 30 series drop.
anyone who got one at newegg or amazon want to share how they find these product pages before they go live?
Newegg sent out a promo that had the links in it. I don't remember if they were posted in this thread or if I found them on reddit. I have no idea about the Amazon link. I was kinda putting all of my eggs in one basket with Newegg.